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I’m Kenneth Play.

I would like to share something vulnerable about myself. Before GQ called me “the world’s greatest sex hacker” and Playboy said I was “a personal trainer for pussy”, I was a sexually insecure Asian immigrant with an average-sized cock.

My journey towards overcoming my insecurity has led me down an unconventional path. I’ve been obsessively deconstructing sex techniques from ancient wisdom to cutting edge science.

The sex hacking method and rapid skill aquisition techniques I have created have radically transformed my own sex life and the sex lives of thousands of students around the world. My students have gained lasting confidence, learned to experience mind-blowing connection and to give their partners endless orgasms.

Great lovers are made, not born.

Men are not inherently selfish. Society has made men insecure about their size, erections, and endurance. We’re all robbed of a good sex education. I say, fuck all that bullshit.

I’ve helped thousands of good men realize their sexual potential and take their lovers to places they’ve never been before.


Become a sought-after lover

I’ve created a course to literally show men how to give their lovers endless orgasms, mind-blowing connection, and pleasure they never knew was possible.


“Kenneth work is every bit as essential for teaching men how to pleasure women as New York Times bestseller Come As You Are is for teaching women about their own capacity for pleasure.”
Zhana Vrangalova
PhD, NYU professor of human sexuality; sex and relationships researcher; speaker; writer
“Kenneth Play taught my body everything it knows about squirting.”
Wednesday Martin
PhD, number one New York Times bestselling author of Untrue
“Kenneth Play is a sex ed Renaissance man. He distills information from complex arrays of sexual knowledge, psychology, physiology, and neuroscience into a fine sexual aperitif, a tonic for those who want to transcend limits and discover their own exquisite sexual tastes.”
Jim Pfaus
PhD, IF, neuroscientist; sex researcher
“If you ever wished your partner knew exactly how to pleasure you, buy this... (book).”
Erika Lust
Award-winning adult filmmaker
“Kenneth Play is the future of sex ed!”
Bryony Cole
CEO, Future of Sex (
“After experiencing more pleasures than they ever thought was possible at my retreats, women often ask, ‘Who can teach my man how to pleasure me like this?’ The answer is simple: Kenneth Play.”
Pamela Madsen
Founder, Back to the Body retreats; author of Shameless


GQ Logo

“World’s greatest Sex Hacker.”

“So you’re like a personal training for pussy”

The sought after sex coach for the rich & famous.

He taught my husband of 10 years how to give me new orgasms.

Kenneth’s course is a fantastic resource for guys who care about their partner’s pleasure.

Kenneth taught me how to get my girlfriend to squirt!


7 orgasm myths, busted

7 orgasm myths, busted

One of the incredible upsides to learning more about sexual technique and experience is that we can train ourselves to help us become more receptive to pleasure.  For people who have a hard time orgasming, this is great news—we can build this capacity with deliberate...

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Aftercare: Because sex ain’t over ’til it’s over

Aftercare: Because sex ain’t over ’til it’s over

I recently wrote a blog post about how the BDSM community has devised communication protocols that aren't just for kink. These conventions have incredible utility in even the most vanilla sex play and transform a mediocre sex life into a stellar one. I'm talking about...

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What Kink Can Teach Us About Communication

What Kink Can Teach Us About Communication

This blog post has the potential to make your sex life at least fifty shades better. Why? Because the protocols I'm about to introduce you to have been tested by the good folks over at the bleeding edge of sexual expression—the kink community. Because kinksters engage...

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How to make anyone squirt

How to make anyone squirt

Squirting, aka female ejaculation or gushing. I’d seen it in porn and, even though I didn’t know exactly what these girly geysers were composed of, how they were being brought forth, or if they were some new type of female orgasm, I was 100% certain of two things:...

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Advanced fingering techniques

Advanced fingering techniques

I cover a lot of ground in the Sex Hacker Pro course. Something I don't scrimp on is granular information about fingering. That's because your fingers are the most effective, underrated tools for learning how your partner's body responds to every different kind of...

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