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Hi, I’m Kenneth Play

Before GQ called me “the world’s greatest sex hacker”  I was a sexually insecure Asian immigrant with an average-sized cock.


My journey towards overcoming my insecurity has led me down an unconventional path. I’ve been obsessively deconstructing sex techniques, ranging from ancient wisdom to cutting edge science.


My hunch is someone you trust mentioned my name, or you stumbled upon one of my sex technique videos, tutorials, interviews, or articles online.


However you got here, I’m glad you made it.


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Is squirt pee?

A client once told me about the first time she ever squirted. Her boyfriend was going down on her, and it just happened. She was mortified, thinking she peed in his mouth!    Often, when women squirt for the first time, it’s a surprise. They weren’t trying to...

45 Degree Angle for Anal Sex

45 Degree Angle for Anal Sex

The 45-Degree Anal Play Rule: A Scientific Approach to Anal Pleasure Hey there, pleasure seekers! Today, we're diving into the world of anal play and exploring a game-changing technique that can elevate your anal play. I'm talking about the 45-degree angle rule, a...

First ever porn for the Apple Vision Pro

First ever porn for the Apple Vision Pro

I got the Apple Vision Pro on day one, and made porn with it on day two. Would you expect anything less from a Sex Hacker? Throughout the history of humankind, every technological leap forward has inspired the age-old question: “How can we use it for sex?” The...

7 orgasm myths, busted

7 orgasm myths, busted

One of the incredible upsides to learning more about sexual technique and experience is that we can train ourselves to help us become more receptive to pleasure.  For people who have a hard time orgasming, this is great news—we can build this capacity with deliberate...

Sexual performance anxiety: I overcame it and so can you!

Sexual performance anxiety: I overcame it and so can you!

I’m proud of the Beyond Satisfied Pro course.  I envisioned it to be the most game-changing sex education content in the world, and, although I may be biased, I think I achieved what I set out to do. It’s beyond gratifying when I receive messages from people whose...

Is Your Penis Good Enough?

Is Your Penis Good Enough?

The Post just released this interview with me about my top 5 sex hacks for loving the penis you have! This interview was challenging, because the Post kept pushing towards this narrative that your cock is not big enough, so here are some pro-tips on how to compensate...

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