100,000 Views on Pornhub!

Remember all the exciting press coverage about Pornhub’s new sex ed site? I’m really proud to be a contributor to this project. I want to make sex ed as accessible as porn, and collaborating with Pornhub as a one-stop shop for both is a great way to do that!

I want to celebrate that my Clitoral Finger Play 101 piece has now reached 100,000 views! This video is the first explicit piece on their site, and I am so grateful for the chance to share these skills without having them hidden behind a content censor. I am so excited that so many people have found the skills I’m teaching there worthwhile and helpful, and I’d love to hear from people who have watched it to know if it’s had any effect on increasing their cliteracy.

What other 101-type videos would you like to see me produce? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!