#41 of the Best Sex Advice Blogs!

I recently had the honor of this blog being listed in the Top 50 Sex Advice Blogs of 2019!

I’m so glad that people enjoy the advice I give and stories I tell here, especially since many of them are important to me too.  In case you’re new to my site, or you don’t often check out the Kenneth Play blog, here are my 5 most popular blog posts, in honor of the top 50 blog list:

  1. Is Your Penis Good Enough?
  2. 100,000 Views on Pornhub!
  3. How to Talk Dirty (and avoid awkwardness)
  4. Men’s Health: How I Acquired My Orgasmic Wisdom
  5. Dr. Zhana Talks Squirting with Dan Savage 💧


Because of increased censorship it has gotten harder and harder to learn about sex. If you’re search for practical, straight-forward, no-holding-back sex ed it gets even more difficult to find. So lists like this one that share so many of the top sex advice and sex ed blogs are so useful. Blogs are often one of the few platforms where educators and coaches can share their sex wisdom without facing deletion or bans. Sorry Instagram, while we love your visuals, your censorship is making it very difficult to spread education!

In case you don’t want to go through all 50 of the top blogs from Sexual Alpha, here are my absolute favorite blogs from the list:


Sex & Psychology by Dr. Justin Lehmiller

I love this blog, and I love Dr. Lehmiller’s research. Seriously, if you want some excellent sex science, some juicy popular sex statistics, and down-to-earth analysis, this is a must-follow. I cite Dr. Lehmiller in a lot of my course videos, because he is out here doing the work to get legit sex research out to the masses. You may also know him from his best-selling book on the largest survey of sexual fantasies ever conducted in America, Tell Me What You Want. Essentially, go nerd out, be validated, and learn where I heard a lot of my cited research on Dr. Lehmiller’s blog.


Oh Joy, Sex Toy

Not only do I reference Oh Joy, Sex Toy’s comics in a few of my blog posts and course guides, but it’s also a favorite blog/comic of a lot of other sex educators too! If you’re looking for education on a wide variety of topics (kink! positions! sex toys! polyamory! masturbation! fantasy! so many more!) and also looking for it in an easy to read and often lighthearted comic format, this will be your new favorite site.



Sex stories, toy reviews, kink guides, how to’s, quizzes, and more are all on this site. If you want to get information on a lot of different topics, with a good mix of tutorials and advice columns, plus a lot of more entertainment-focused pieces, Kinkly is a great choice. They’ve been around a while, and have a history of doing their due diligence with topics.


Thanks again for helping my blog reach #41 on the top 50 sex advice blogs of 2019 list! Here’s to another year of blog posts, education, and pleasure!

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  1. Your site was such a nice discovery for us! Really hope that TOP 50 will help to attract more people to your site over time – you deserve it!

    Thank you so much for spreading the word so more people find the leaderboard and benefit from the research!

    Hugs & Backlips!


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