A Little Death Podcast with Alana Heiss

I recently was lucky to re-connect with my friend Alana Heiss, and join her on her podcast “A Little Death”! Alana is the amazing author of my GQ feature and an amazing human. We chatted about my new Sex Hacker Pro Course, the ways we want to change sex education and spread pleasure, and what I’m planning for the future!

Alana and I talked about the benefits and the technical aspects of the Sex Hacker Pro Course. A big point for us is that the course covers the full system of adaptation — how to adapt to lovers and the variation of pleasure preferences. Great sex, after all, isn’t a one-trick-pony. Yes, there are skills, and some very crucial ones too. But the ultimate lover’s most important sex skill is his ability to adapt to his partner and her needs/preferences/desires. Communication, feedback, and paying attention to physical cues all help you apply the right technique at the right time. Which can really make or break a sex session.

For Alana, that also connected to the orgasm gap and the prevalence of women “faking it”. We both agreed that this is such a disappointing status for pleasure today. Straight women are having so few orgasms compared to their partners. Which is especially frustrating considering that for women multiple orgasms are so possible (if not the more natural state)! I talk about the importance of closing the orgasm gap by educating men on female pleasure and its endless possibilities. I’m passionate about giving people more choices to access their authentic pleasure, particularly helping couples to have deeper, connected sex.

We also discussed the difference between my explicit sex ed content and porn — namely that real sex and porn sex are not the same. Porn has its values, of course, and her and I bring that up, but it doesn’t include all the nuance. A big goal of mine in my courses is to find the sweet spot of sex education. The spot where we don’t dance around the topic. We de-stigmatize sex, teach it in a practical and straightforward way, and include all the awkward moments rather than just presenting a performance. A lot of people need to see more real sex so they can understand not just that they’re okay but that the possibilities for amazing pleasure are there for them too!

Alana and I also chat plans I have for the future, including some PornHub plans in 2020! You can listen to Alana’s podcast, A Little Death, and her episode with me on Anchor FM, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

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