AskMen Reviews the Pro Course!

When it comes to learning about sex, the decision to pursue a full course can be a tough one. And while I can tell you all about how great my Sex Hacker Pro Course is, I also know how valuable an unbiased review can be to your decision-making. Will this course be right for you? Will it answer your most vulnerable questions? Who is this guy claiming he can transform your sex life? And why should you believe him?

I know that it’s tough to sift through all the information and offers when it comes to sex education, which is why I’m so honored and grateful that AskMen chose to review the Sex Hacker Pro Course!

AskMen asks the question “Can This Guy’s Sex Hacking Course Make You a God in the Bedroom?” by diligently breaking things down into topics:

  • Who Is the Sex Hacker Pro Course For?
  • What Exactly Is Sex Hacker Pro?
  • Why We Love It
  • The Drawbacks
  • Where to Buy
  • and Meet the Competition

And just because I’ve contributed to some of their past articles doesn’t mean they’ve gone easy on the course. Author Ian Stobber makes sure to give his honest opinions and get down to the core pros & cons. If you’ve been debating getting the Pro Course, or had questions about whether I’m the right teacher for you, I really think this review will help.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

It’s a prodigious amount of knowledge, blending first-hand experience in bed with research into what the world’s foremost sexologists are saying about the human body and the ways it works in the bedroom. The result? A 71 video-long Sex Hacker Pro online course, designed to take any guy from zero (or whatever number he’s at) to hero when it comes to sex. 

Read the full review to hear what AskMen thinks about the Course!

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