Authentic AF Sex Coaching


Whoa, check out this amazing piece from Elite Daily about sex coaching featuring my business partner, Dr. Zhana, and me!

For a lot of people, talking about sex is challenging.  Even the most sex-positive, open people can have trouble feeling comfortable talking about sex.  My goal as a sex coach is to encourage clients to be as authentic and honest as possible.  This allows me to diagnose the challenge they’re facing, or help them explore hidden curiosities, from female ejaculation to sex parties to bondage.
Partnering with Dr. Zhana has allowed us to take her knowledge of the latest science and research, and leverage my experience as a fitness coach to apply that science in the real world.  Together, we help people live the most authentic and epic sex lives possible.
(PS – in the video, I mention “referral sex.”  Stay tuned for a blog post about that!)