Level Up Your Clit Game: Three Easy Hacks

There is no one size fits all model to be a great lover. To be a truly great lover that stands out from all the rest, acquiring the skills to read, calibrate, then adapt to each lover’s body as a unique desire.  Because of diversity in both neural layout and the shape and size of … Read more

Adjusting to Orgy Killing COVID

You can read about me “moaning” about how I would “give my left testicle” to go to an orgy again in the latest NY Post exposé about my sex life, and histrionics aside, there is a reason that the desire for me is so strong. COVID has been challenging for everyone, in various ways, and … Read more

Edging Hack To Try Tonight

How can you enhance the intensity of orgasm? No, you don’t have to get kinky, or purchase a new vibrator. You actually just need your mind, and the willingness to practice self discipline. This sex hack is known as “edging”, and it’s used to give yourself, and your partner the most mind blowing orgasms. Edging … Read more

Is Instagram Stripping Our First Amendment Rights?

Over the past couple weeks, sex-positive social media has steadily been sounding the alarm about Instagrams updated Terms of Service (ToS) that went into effect December 20, 2020. Under the new Community Guidelines for Sexual Solicitation, now anything from an eggplant emoji to a description of arousal like wetness or an erection are grounds for … Read more