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How to make anyone squirt Squirting, aka female ejaculation or gushing. I’d seen it in porn and, even though I didn’t know exactly what these girly geysers were composed of, how they were being brought forth, or if they were some new type of female orgasm, I was 100% certain of two things: that I found squirting extremely arousing and… Read More
Advanced fingering techniques I cover a lot of ground in the Sex Hacker Pro course. Something I don't scrimp on is granular information about fingering. That's because your fingers are the most effective, underrated tools for learning how your partner's body responds to every different kind of sensation. Once you get to grips with what I'm about to… Read More
Sexual performance anxiety: I overcame it and so can you! I'm proud of the Sex Hacker Pro course.  I envisioned it to be the most game-changing sex education content in the world, and, although I may be biased, I think I achieved what I set out to do.  It's beyond gratifying when I receive messages from people whose lives have been transformed beyond recognition as… Read More
How to prepare for anal sex Porn perpetuates a lot of lies about sex. Penises, generally speaking, aren't that big. Bodies typically aren't that taught, tan, and hairless. Pizza delivery guys aren't ordinarily beset by sexual opportunity at every turn. But perhaps the biggest lie porn likes to tell is that anal sex is spontaneous. Any porn performer will tell you… Read More
Back to basics: fingering 101 If you happened to walk into my bedroom, you'd be confronted with a cornucopia of apparatus designed to elicit sexual pleasure and mind-melting orgasms. But this arsenal of sex toys—impressive though it is—belies a surprising truth: that I've made more women orgasm with my hands than with any other tool.    Fingers are the most… Read More
Thats the Spot!!! 10 Pleasure Mapping Hacks with the Zumio Zumio the Perfect Pleasure Mapping Tool  While it’s good to understand the commonalities of female physiology and master some basic techniques, there comes a time in your journey as a lover when you begin to realize just how different each woman is from the next. Not only do vulvas vary in their shape, but the… Read More
How To Eat Pussy Like A King I love eating pussy or, to give the act its official Latin name, cunnilingus. In fact, you could say I have a pussy eating fetish. Years before I even had the chance to perform oral sex on someone, I instinctively knew that this would be a sex act that I would savor and could excel… Read More
Sex guide: Learn how to build sexual tension and always get to third base As you may probably know by now, a vital step towards making sex more enjoyable is the build-up. Great build-up makes up for great sex, and paying enough attention to this element can have an impact on how deep you and your partner connect. Now, the ways in which you can try to build sexual… Read More
Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life! Is Your Penis Good Enough? The Post just released this interview with me about my top 5 sex hacks for loving the penis you have! This interview was challenging, because the Post kept pushing towards this narrative that your cock is not big enough, so here are some pro-tips on how to compensate for your average-sized cock. And the message… Read More

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