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Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life! Is Your Penis Good Enough? The Post just released this interview with me about my top 5 sex hacks for loving the penis you have! This interview was challenging, because the Post kept pushing towards this narrative that your cock is not big enough, so here are some pro-tips on how to compensate for your average-sized cock. And the message… Read More
Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life! Epic Romantic Sex Hack (Free Tutorial on Pornhub) On this Valentine's Day I want to embody the art of giving pleasure. In our world of screens, we don't often spend intentional, whole-heartedly connected time with the people we love. We poke fun at memes like "forget flowers, find my G-spot", but people really do value effort and being seen. I want to help… Read More
Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life! The Lust Ed Video Series: An Explicit Guide to Multiple Orgasms Don't let the idea of multiple orgasms exhaust you! I'll never get tired of talking about and teaching the art of making her cum over and over again. It is always a privilege to with Erika Lust whether it's for your viewing pleasure or for sex education. (Let's be real - her work is always… Read More
Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life! The Scientific Secret of the Female Orgasm! My frequent collaborator Dr. Zhana has an amazing podcast that you may know, called The Science of Sex, and I recently re-listened to one of my favorite episodes from the very beginning about the female orgasm and clitoris. In this episode, Dr. Zhana and Joe Pardavila speak with Dr. James Pfaus about the “elusive” female… Read More
Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life! My Cock is Anal Friendly I had the joy of being featured as part of The New York Post’s newest video “Show Me Your Junk”, where men address the myths and struggles of penis size. This video has made me think a lot about how proud I am now of my average sized cock, but how I wasn’t always that… Read More
Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life! Myths Men Should Unlearn About Sex There are so many sex myths holding us back from living the love life of our dreams, and so many that men specifically have yet to unlearn. This is why I was so excited to talk to AskMen for their article “Things Guys Need to Unlearn About Sex: Sex Myths Men Should Forget Right Away”… Read More
Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life! Simultaneous Orgasms? Is it possible? It is! And is much easier with this brand new breakthrough in cock ring design! German engineering has cracked the code. Since forever, every cock ring has consistently failed to reach the clitoris. The Fun Factory made NŌS which is perfectly designed for clit stim. Those of you who’ve been following me… Read More
Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life! Pornhub Worthy Squirting Secrets Revealed There is very limited science on squirting, which my colleague Dr. Zhana has sifted through extensively while working on the Science of Squirting video (check it out on my Youtube!) for my online course. Dr. Zhana and I also talked squirting together on an episode of her Science of Sex Podcast — combining her academic… Read More
Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life! Men’s Health: How I Acquired My Orgasmic Wisdom Men’s Health talked with me about how I became Kenneth Play: Sex Hacker, in their newest article. It covers my career journey, how I came to teach sex skills, and shows how my personal transformation influenced my teaching style. Growing up as an awkward Asian immigrant with an average sized cock meant that I never… Read More

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