45 Degree Angle

“Anything inserted in the butt – whether fingers, a toy, or a penis – feels better when angled upward towards the belly button at a forty-five-degree angle. This forty-five-degree angle rule was popularized by Gigi Engle, an amazing sex educator colleague of mine, author of All the F*cking Mistakes. This insertion angle makes it so that pressure is applied to the G-spot, clitoral bulbs, or A-spot and cervix, depending on how deep you go. By doing this, you create stimulation of the vagus, hypogastric, and pelvic nerves all at once. This is a game of calibration. It might not be exactly forty-five degrees for every person; you might need to experiment with angles around that range. But when you hit the right spot, it will feel different to the receiver, and should make this act way more pleasurable.” – Excerpt from Beyond Satisfied by Kenneth Play, Chapter 14: Anal, Start Small, Stretch It Out


The most practical system ever created for mastering sex and female pleasure.




Beyond Satisfied: A Sex Hacker’s Guide to Endless Orgasms, Mind-Blowing Connection, and Lasting Confidence


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