(Inside Hook) If You’re Not Having Prostate Orgasms, You’re Missing Out

“Learning to experience this [prostate orgasm] can transform your relationship to your body and even help you understand female pleasure far more deeply.” – Kenneth Play

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The prostate, which is found wrapped around the urethra, below the urinary bladder, is a firm, partly muscular, partly glandular body. It produces seminal fluid, and is connected to the same pleasurable nerve endings that are located in the vagina.

Why might some men, especially straight ones, be unfamiliar with and/or even wary of prostate stimulation?

KP: There’s a common misconception that prostate play is only for queer men. But heterosexual orientation means that you don’t play with the opposite sex. The acts you do with women, as a straight man, do not dictate your orientation. However, many men are confused about this fact and think that butt sex is something that might “make you gay” or something like that. This is a ridiculous notion and we should definitely do away with it.

What are the best ways to stimulate the prostitute during partnered sex?

KP: I recommend solo first, as outlined above. After that, doggy style or missionary is best, with a sex wedge to prop up your butt if you’re in missionary. Another good idea is to look for a toy that is specifically designed for prostate stimulation to keep in your butt during partnered sex. The nJoy pFun plug is one of our favorites.

What about during solo play?

KP: First of all, I recommend masturbation rather than partner play to start this exploration because you have a direct feedback loop, and without having to instruct someone else or worry about being comfortable, things are much simpler and more effective. Put on your favorite porn, or whatever you normally do to get in the mood. Start stimulating your penis to get to a certain level of arousal before anal penetration, ‘cause otherwise it can feel like a medical exam.  

  • For anal play I reccomend the small end of the njoy pure wand. You can put it in lukewarm water to make it warm, and definitely use a good silicone lube! Move the toy around until you find the right spot, then use a rocking motion with your wrist joint to rock the njoy against the front wall of the rectum, applying pressure to the prostate. 
  • The next step is to combine prostate stimulation with your regular masturbation habits. Start playing with the toy until you feel some sensation on your prostate. As you get close to orgasm, the prostate stimulation will start to feel way better than you ever thought it could. The first goal is just to have a blended orgasm while stimulating your prostate. 
  • Next time, do the same technique, but direct your attention even more to the sensations that are coming from your penis. Use stimulation of the penis to increase arousal, but as you get closer to orgasm, decrease or stop stimulating your penis and keep stimulating your prostate. 
  • Keep trying to edge yourself to orgasm, but stop stimulating your penis and try to get your prostate to be the one to push you over the hump. Instead of tensing, relax deeply and focus on your prostate and the sensations from stimulation. Do this enough that it gets you over the hump. Once you do, you’ll learn a completely different type of orgasm. It feels more like a full-body orgasm, and is very different from the kind you’ve had from penile stimulation.  
  • The more you do this, the more prostate stimulation you can apply, the more prostate orgasms you can have. To my surprise, what I’ve found is that after I have a prostate orgasm, my penis stays hard and is still responsive to sexual stimulation. If you continue to mastubate by touching your penis, you can immediately have another orgasm. Eventually, you can have more and more orgasms. So, all in all, I think that prostate orgasms have the most potential for accessible multiple orgasms.


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