Cervical Changes

“As the illustration above depicts, when women are closer to ovulation, and are more fertile, the cervix ascends higher into the vagina, softens, and opens. At this time, slipperier vaginal secretions come from it in greater volume. During phases of the cycle where she is less fertile, the cervix descends lower into the vagina, closes, and gets firmer, and will be much drier to the touch. These kinds of changes can make a big difference in how a woman experiences cervical stimulation. The cervix can feel much more or much less sensitive at different points in her arousal cycle, and the kinds of positions that she might like will change. This even mystifies some women, who cannot understand why doggy style feels so good one week and hurts like hell another week. These fascinating changes that hap- pen throughout the cycle are the answer.” – Excerpt from Beyond Satisfied by Kenneth Play, Chapter 5: Pleasure Mapping, The Cervix, p. 114


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