(Cosmopolitan) 12 Must-Have Penis Rings Both You and Your Partner Will Enjoy

“If you want a cock ring that allows nonstop clit vibration, international sex educator and creator of the Sex Hacker Pro Series Kenneth Play suggests the NŌS. The flexible ring has a two-pronged design that squeezes the clit between it (in a good way) and provides continuous vibration.”


Read more about c-rings in this article in Cosmopolitan 12 Must-Have Penis Rings Both You and Your Partner Will Enjoy by Taylor Andrews, Carina Hsieh, and Rachel Varina


And read on for more info on cock rings that didn’t make it into the article!

The purpose of a cock ring is to restrict blood flow out of the penis so it stays hard or harder than it would otherwise. It maintains erection or harder erection by trapping blood in the penis by putting pressure at the base of the shaft once an erection is established.

When looking for a c-ring, it should be easily adjustable for beginners. I wouldn’t try a really hard one until you are an experienced user of cockrings because an immoveable cockring (like one made of glass, wood or metal, can potentially lead you to a very awkward visit to the ER if you can’t get it off.

My best c ring suggestion is NŌS by Fun Factory is the best! For far too long, cockrings with vibrators had a totally stupid design because the vibration happens at the base of the penis, which doesn’t stay in contact with the clitoris throughout penetration, until Fun Factory recently introduced my favorite cockring, the NŌS. What I love about it is that it has a two pronged design which squeezes the clitoris between it with continuous vibration. It’s especially excellent for her to ride you on top while getting clit stim. This makes it super fun when you aim for simultaneous orgasm, which I have a fun video about here. Warning: this might feel so good she wants to slap your momma.

Cockrings can also come in a version where there is a buttplug attached to it, so that you get anal stimulation during penetration with each thrust. It will make your prostate say “hello!” Here’s a cute rainbow version!


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