Epic Romantic Goddess Bath (Free Tutorial on Pornhub)

On this Valentine’s Day I want to embody the art of giving pleasure. In our world of screens, we don’t often spend intentional, whole-heartedly connected time with the people we love. We poke fun at memes like “forget flowers, find my G-spot”, but people really do value effort and being seen. I want to help you bring all of that into a sensual, spellbinding, pampering experience for your lover.

My Valentine’s present to you is one of the best videos from my Sex Hacker Pro course (for free). Shower your lover with this amazing gift of pure bliss.

I’ve teamed up with Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center to give you my Ultimate Romantic Sex Hack for Valentine’s Day — my Goddess Bath ritual. I LOVE Pornhub because we share the belief that sex education should be explicit, practical and literally shown in a real world application. I believe the future of sex education will be shared and distributed on porn platforms.

In this video, I share the ultimate integration of my favorite philosophies of peak experiences, curation, and pleasure. The Goddess Bath is a ritual that incorporates all of the senses and is meant to pamper your partner. The definition of a peak experience is one that is unexpected, novel, pleasurable, and multi-sensory. The use of surprise, blindfolds, chocolate & honey, colors, temperature, and more, qualifies it as a peak experience. The effect of the Bath is a “Heartgasm” — the deep delight of being spoiled, worshipped, and cherished as a Muse. You’ll be crafting an overwhelmingly delicious encounter that will leave her in awe. And you can learn it all on Pornhub for free!

I’ve given the Bath on women’s sensuality retreats before, and the feedback is really touching. Pam Costa of Down to There shared:

I received a Goddess Bath ritual from Kenneth as part of a Back to the Body retreat where we are able to explore our sexuality with the support of skilled practitioners. At the retreat, we were given the gift of learning more about our bodies… what we liked, what we didn’t like, and how to put voice to these desires… all without having to worry about pleasing a partner. At the end of my session with Kenneth, he offered the bath as a way for me to explore what it feels like to be cared for, which was a concept that I had always struggled with. I mean, aren’t I supposed to be a strong, confident and independent woman?!? During the bath, I was able to practice truly receiving, without having to give. I was able to feel the sensation of the water, the adoration through placement of the flowers and care through hair brushing and washing. In the end, I was able to take home a newfound recognition of my desire to be cared for, as well as a desire to share similar care to my partner. It’s such a beautiful idea to either ask for, or give your partner for Valentine’s Day… because don’t we all deserve such decadent and thoughtful care?

Pamela Madsen, the founder of the Back to the Body Retreats for Women, describes the Goddess Bath experience best:

What is amazing, is that at Back to the Body, Sensuous Retreats for Women — women are exposed to all kinds of extraordinary experiences. But when the Goddess Bath is offered, women melt. They forget about their extraordinary orgasms, as they melt into their partner gently and beautifully adoring them with a loving bathing ritual. Perhaps it’s about the intimacy. The loving attention. The feeling of not having to perform at all. The magic of receiving.

I’ve also included an Appreciation Practice from Horizontal with Lila that I think is the best way to wrap up the whole Bath. You’ve created an experience where the heart is open, so that the message can be received. This is when you can truly share how much you love her, what she means to you, and all the pieces of her that you appreciate. This is the emotional gratification that wraps up all the physical indulgence in a big bow.

In the video on Pornhub, I show the Goddess Bath ritual step by step, so that you can recreate this beautiful sensual session with your partner. I hope you enjoy it! For a full breakdown of the Bath and all the supplies you need, you can head to kennethplay.com/bath for a free download!

The Goddess Bath ritual is inspired by Omorphy, check out his site for more information on his photography and his Bath Disturbed series.


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