(Men’s Health) The Bridge Sex Position Is Great for Deep Penetration. Here’s How to Do It.

How do you and your partner get into it?
KP: The partner on the bottom should raise their hips into a bridge position, like in yoga. You can use props such as pillows (a wedge would work well here), if it’s too hard to stay like that for too long without them, or just to make it more comfortable. Then the person doing the penetration gets between the legs of the receptive partner, on their knees, and can enter from there.

What are the pros of it?
KP: This position could provide a good way for the receiving partner to create some nice muscle tension in the legs and thighs, which many people find helps them have an orgasm due to the position. Creating muscle tension can also cause an increase in the “fight or flight” division of the nervous system, which can help facilitate orgasm as well.

What are the cons of it?
KP: This position definitely requires significant muscular engagement from both parties to be maintained. For some people, that could help them stay focused, whereas for others, it could detract from the pleasure. It all depends on what you’re into.

Any variations you recommend (in case this position is difficult)?
KP: Because of my personal training experience, I know that getting your body into the right position to maintain the engagement is important. If you’re trying to hold up your partner’s hips without a pillow, you should make sure that you’re in the most ergonomic position possible before you get started so you don’t drop her right when one of you is about to cum. If you need help, use pillows or even a yoga strap under her butt. – Kenneth Play

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