(Scary Mommy) The ‘Venus Butterfly’ Is Hailed As The Best Sex Technique Of All Time

“The Venus Butterfly allows more than one erogenous zone to be tuned on, which can make for a better orgasm.” – Kenneth Play

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More of Kenneth’s thoughts on the Venus Butterfly Position:

This sex position was originally mentioned on an episode of L.A. Law, when an assuming man accredited his extraordinary success with women to a mysterious technique called “The Venus Butterfly”. Thought the creators of the show never revealed what this technique was, other sex educators re-branded the term to indicate a combination of clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation from tongue and fingers combined.

Simulation of multiple sites is extremely important for female pleasure. In this sex act, you get to stimulate the clit, g-spot, and any other spots in the vagina (a-spot, p-spot, or cervix) all at once. This leads to stimulation of the many nerve pathways that go up to the brain all at the same time, creating a richer subjective experience. Having an orgasm from just one spot is like eating a plain hamburger without the bun. Having an orgasm from multiple spots at once is like eating a hamburger with a bun, and all the condiments, lettuce, tomato, pickle (maybe even bacon, whatever you prefer). While both get you full, one will be a much richer experience, because the complexity of flavors (sweet, sour, creamy, umami) is satisfying to the palate in a way that just one of them alone is not.

For vagina-owners, add a buttplug, or have the man finger both holes while licking the clit. It takes some practice but can definitely be done! The Venus butterfly could not only be for vagina-owners. This works well for penis-owners too, if you give a blowjob while fingering the prostate. Because of the intensity of an experience that involves stimulation of multiple spots, foreplay is extra important. Getting the whole mind, heart, and body warmed up is a really good idea. We also recommend starting with clitoral (or penile) stimulation before engaging in penetration.


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