(The Body) What Is Death Grip—and What Can You Do About It?

“Death grip” is a term people have coined for a phenomenon where men masturbate with a really tight grip on their penis habitually. It happens because the person gets in the habit of it, either because they are trying to cum as fast as possible and get to bed most of the time, or because they simply end up masturbating with more and more force over time. In the end, this can create a situation similar to what we described above with vibrators, where the person is not able to experience pleasure in other situations that they would like to, such as partnered sex, where no vagina can possibly replicate the level of pressure that they are accustomed to.

Is there such a thing as too much masturbation? Questions about sex addiction aside, which are far too complex to cover in this article, there is the matter of conserving sexual energy and directing it where you’d like it to go.

If you have a partner that you’d like to have sex with, it could be problematic if your sexual needs are being fulfilled solely (or mostly) by yourself. Since men have refractory periods, they have dips in arousal when they ejaulate that prevent them from experiencing a ton of desire subsequently. It’s sort of like eating a big meal before most of your dates; there is a place for hunger in one’s romantic life, both in food and sex. However, if you find yourself avoiding your partner in this manner, it might be something deeper about the relationship, your own issues, or your life circumstances that needs attention. Simply telling yourself to avoid masturbation is probably not going to solve things on its own.

To learn Kenneth Plays two fold solution to “death grip”, read the full article What Is Death Grip—and What Can You Do About It? by Gigi Engle for TheBody


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