(TheBody) 3 of the Most Ridiculous Masturbation Myths, Debunked

By Kenneth Play

The biggest masturbation myth right now is that using a vibrator can permanently desensitize you, forever. This is a myth that gets perpetuated because some people do experience desensitization of a specific variety because of habitual ways of masturbating. However, it’s not permanent and it doesn’t make you a bad person.

What happens, neurologically, is that the more we do things one specific way, the more we get used to doing them that way, and the harder it is to adjust to a wide variety of sensation or to recognize other things as pleasurable or orgasmic. This is just as true with vibrators as it is for watching a specific type of porn, masturbating in a specific location or position, and so on. The problem is that adding an extra layer of shame to this issue does not do much to help anyone.

Additionally, not everyone needs to change! If you are fine with using your vibrator to produce orgasms when you want them, there is no moral or biological reason why this is a problem. The only problem is when you would like to enjoy a wider variety of stimuli and aren’t able to, without knowing why or how to change it. The way to change this is two-fold. Change up your routine and engage in a wider variety of types of touch, taking a break from your vibrator or whatever other stimuli is becoming habitual.

Additionally, apply mindfulness and attention to the new sensations, noticing what feels good and is pleasurable about them, zoning in on the more unfamiliar feelings. This trains your body and brain to adapt to new types of pleasure over time. It does require some patience, but is doable if you stick with it.

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