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“We each have our own set of go-to techniques to get off, and we often end up treating these reliable sensations like Megan Rapinoe on the US women’s soccer team: we rely heavily on one star player, one technique, to kick the ball in the net.
But that one player isn’t the only one helping the team score; there are ten other players passing the ball and advancing it down the field. Similarly, we can combine different sensations to broaden the brain’s idea of what is pleasurable. For many women, the clit is the star player, and a certain stimulation may bring her to orgasm every time—but you can layer in stimulation to the G-spot (or the A-spot or the P-spot or the cervix) to create new combinations.” – Excerpt from Beyond Satisfied by Kenneth Play, Chapter 6: Orgasm Potential, Star Players (and Their Helpful Teammates), pp. 161-162


The most practical system ever created for mastering sex and female pleasure.




Beyond Satisfied: A Sex Hacker’s Guide to Endless Orgasms, Mind-Blowing Connection, and Lasting Confidence


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