4 big advantages of having an average-sized penis


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4 big advantages of having an average-sized penis

Average penis size

Most men—around 75%—have a penis that is within an inch of the mean average. What is that mean average? Well according to the biggest and best research to date on the subject, the average length is a little over 5” long when erect—5.12” to be exact, with the average girth is around 4.59″ in length (Veale, 2015). 

I, like billions of men, find myself to be in this general area, length-wise. Yes, I  fuck on camera and I have an average penis! For a long time, I used to fantasize about having a larger penis. I still think about it every now and again. But after becoming a play party attendee and later a sex coach and educator, I discovered that having a remarkably large penis isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it can sometimes be a bummer. Don’t believe me? Read on to discover the advantages of having a penis in the normal range. 

#1 Balls deep sex is usually a possibility 

Let’s talk about the vagina. Specifically, let’s talk about its length which is around 2-4 inches long when not aroused and between 4 and 8 inches long when aroused. Where is that extra length coming from? Well, a lot of it is coming from the cervix lifting up during arousal, making more room for a penis or anything else that’s been inserted. 

For many women, having their cervix banged by a big penis can be a painful and unwelcome sensation. That means if that their partner’s penis is longer than the distance from the vaginal opening to the cervix, balls deep, pounding sex is going to be a dubious prospect at best. What this means is that if a larger guy likes to-the-hilt sex, he’s going to have a smaller number of compatible partners to choose from. 

This underlines the fact that having a penis that is 5 inches long or thereabouts, puts you in the perfect range for efficient sexual performance with the largest number of partners. Something else we should remind ourselves about the vagina is that the most dependable orgasm-eliciting nerve endings and pleasure receptors can be found within the first 2 to 3 inches of the opening. (Even more nerve endings can be found in the clitoral complex which is why oral sex and fingering can make women come more reliably than a penis can.) 

#2) Anal sex doesn’t seem like a stretch 

Anal sex is having a moment right now.  Long associated with gay, male sex, the percentage of straight women who have tried anal seems to be increasing year after year. So given that anal is all the rage, spare a thought for the horse-hung guy for whom opportunities to have anal sex are rare. Having a cock of any size in your ass isn’t for everyone. Having a cock the size of a billy club in there is for an even smaller fraction of the populous.  

#3) Average-sized guys often get better blow jobs

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a play party and caught a hung guy looking at me with envy as my average-sized cock is completely enveloped by a partner’s mouth. I look back and see that his partner is only able to fit a fraction of his penis into her mouth, her jaw opened to a point that looks comfortable, her eyes streaming. For a guy with a penis approaching 7, 8, or 9 inches in length, finding a partner who can offer deep-throat blow jobs can get tricky. 

It can also be frustrating for women who pride themselves on their deep-throating oral skills because a giant dick is unlikely to be the recipient of their best work. Some of my longer, thicker brothers also complain that teeth abrading the skin of their penis is an unwelcome reality of being hung that guys with an average or smaller penis  don’t have to be quite as concerned about. 

#4) Guys in the normal range don’t rely on their size

While it’s not always the case, a lot of my female friends and partners have told me about the relationship between the size of a man’s penis and his overall sexual competency. Their theory? If a guy knows that he’s got a large penis, he’s less likely to have developed other aspects of his sex game because he feels that he doesn’t need to. 

I know plenty of size queens who, after being initially enamored with a partner’s generous proportions,  grow tired of their rather one-dimensional repertoire. If, on the other hand, you know that you have a penis that is well within the average range, you may have invested some time in developing skills that aren’t related to your dimensions. (If you haven’t already started, it’s never too late!)

I can certainly relate to that. Even before I lost my virginity, I was intent on one day becoming a remarkable sexual partner, partially because I was aware that I didn’t have a porn star penis.  Though it was initially through trial and error, I committed to understanding everything I could about female anatomy, female sexual response, and discovered that sexual confidence wasn’t related to dick size at all. Sexual confidence was related to sexual competence which was something that I could build and grow every day. And I still do!


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