Pornhub Worthy Squirting Secrets Revealed

There is very limited science on squirting, which my colleague Dr. Zhana has sifted through extensively while working on the Science of Squirting video (check it out on my Youtube!) for my online course. Dr. Zhana and I also talked squirting together on an episode of her Science of Sex Podcast — combining her academic research expertise with my hands-on “research” when it comes to making vagina-owners squirt. 😂 Just how many vaginas have I had an opportunity to try and make squirt? What’s my success rate? What’s my most reliable technique? I answer all of these in the podcast episode!

However! I’ve also shared one of my top squirting sex hacks on Pornhub for their Sexual Wellness Center! This is a great Squirting 101 video for you to learn more about the G-spot, how to stimulate it pleasurably, and the techniques that can lead to female ejaculation. This particular video has over 4 million views since I’ve first uploaded it — that’s a lot of folks learning how to squirt!

Check out the video:

In the video, my co-teacher Riley Reyes, I cover:

  • arousing foreplay for both people
  • using your “internal GPS” to locate the g-spot
  • kink negotiation hacks to create a safe playground for maximum pleasure
  • using biomechanics to stimulate the g-spot without getting tired
  • important aftercare hacks that ground you post this ecstatic, erotic experience
  • making a mess without ruining your bedsheets 😉
  • tools you will need to make this experience effective and pleasurable
  • and more

I seriously love helping couples discover squirting, and I created a whole course focused on it (now a full module in my Sex Hacker Pro Course). Soon, Dr. Zhana’s work on Squirting led her to be interviewed by Dan Savage! It was very exciting, and inspired us both to create the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey on squirting! While Dr. Zhana is still going through all the results, we ended up with over 8,000+ responses.

If you want to learn even more about squirting I cover all the details in my Sex Hacker Pro Course, plus a ton of other topics!


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