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“For most people, squirting requires vigorous, high-velocity stimulation. You won’t be able to provide your partner with high-intensity stimulation for more than a minute, so before you go for broke, it’s important to get your partner thoroughly warmed up and aroused. Finger her in order to map where her G-spot is most sensitive. To stimulate the G-spot vigorously, you’ll need a full range of motion with your fingers inside your partner’s vagina. Rather than using just your fingers or your wrist to create the motion, you’ll use your whole arm – so it’s important to get into an ergonomic position. With your partner lying on her back, position yourself on your hands and knees across her, with your body perpendicular to hers.

Lift her leg that’s closer to your hands over your shoulder, and plant that hand on the bed to stabilize yourself. You now have full access to your partner’s vagina. With your free hand, slide your fingers in and press your fingertips up against her G-spot.

Keep your finger hooked up towards her G-spot, and rock your palm up and down, using your whole arm to travel as far as you can down towards her anus and as far up as you can towards her G-spot. Remember the bouncing sensation we talked about earlier in the G-spot section? This is like a more intense version of that. You want to hit the G-spot with as much velocity as you can. By keeping your palm in contact with her vulva, you’ll also give her clitoral stimulation to increase her pleasure.

You’re trying to mimic the rapid movements of a Hypervolt massage gun, but internally on her G-spot. Remember that the visceral nerve runs through her G-spot, so this kind of vigorous stimulation typically feels like a radiating, whole-body sensation.

Once you’ve found the right range of motion, it’s time to go for it: increase your speed until your partner responds with plea- sure. When she seems to be close to orgasm, that’s your moment to go as fast as you can.

Give your partner a heads-up that you’re going to go fast and give it your all; you don’t want to surprise her with a sudden burst of higher intensity. As your partner gets close to squirting, you’ll be able to hear the fluid building up; it creates a juicy squishing sound as you move your hand. In my experience, when the sensation feels good to my partner and I’m going all out, squirting is usually triggered in about fifteen seconds.”

– Excerpt from Beyond Satisfied by Kenneth Play, Chapter 12: Squirting, Optimal Positioning


The most practical system ever created for mastering sex and female pleasure.




Beyond Satisfied: A Sex Hacker’s Guide to Endless Orgasms, Mind-Blowing Connection, and Lasting Confidence


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