Dick Pic Dos and Donts

Dick Pic Dos

  1. Be creative. Include interesting lighting, like colorful LEDs. Or, use natural lighting like sun. Get creative with angles! Guys are always sending dick picks of either straight down from their face. Use the countdown feature on your phone! Prop it up somewhere and get creative.

  2. Get the hands involved. Hands can accentuate parts of you, like your thighs or upper body, that are also sexy!

  3. Play with angles: Get creative with your angles and explore ones that are about teasing and seduction rather than super explicit. Women especially tend to like more seductive angles than getting up-close and personal with the jewels. No one likes a disembodied penis so get the whole body in there.

Dick Pic Dont’s:

  1. Terrible grooming: taking a little time to get your junk camera ready is usually appreciated .

  2. Ugly underwear: nothing kills the mood like a pair of ripped undies or a silly logo that doesn’t evoke arousal. I gravitate towards snug-fit solid colors.

  3. Bathroom selfies: Toilets are not a turn on.

  4. Messy room selfies: being reminded that you need to be cleaned up after is a total mood-killer.

  5. Photos with other girls or other girls obviously cut out: it may be hot for you but your recipient likely won’t care for it.

  6. Unsolicited: The biggest turn off of all is sending a dick pic unsolicited (unasked). This is known as cyber flashing and it is illegal. She will let you know if she wants your pic! If so, follow my tips above to take one that’s sexy and artful.


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