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A Sex Hacker’s Guide to Endless Orgasms

Beyond Satisfied

Go Beyond the Basics

Far from just another “find her clitoris” guide, this book distills 10,000 hours of hands-on experience, hard science, & the best sex techniques from around the world into a system anyone can master.

Go Beyond Diagrams

Far beyond flat illustrations, this book is loaded with animated diagrams that show you exactly how to master each technique. It’s technique meets technology. Just scan the QR code and watch it come to life.

Go Beyond the Book

And for those who want to go far beyond her expectations, I’ve created Beyond Satisfied Pro – easy-to-implement video tutorials that is the perfect companion to the book. While text and diagrams are helpful, most learners will get a lot more out of uncensored videos. Watching real sex techniques performed on real women with real reactions is the most intuitive way to learn.

15,000+ Beyond Satisfied Readers

Beyond Sex Education

Borrowing the best principles outside of sex

Bruce Lee


MMA Approach

Curating the most useful techniques from Tantra, BDSM, academic research, & erotic masters so you’ll never be boring in bed

Tim Ferris


Skill Acquisition

Selecting the 20% of techniques that produce 80% of the results, saving you endless hours of trial & error

Andrew Huberman


Scientific Tools

Translating the power of neuroscience & cutting edge research into techniques you can use to blow her mind tonight

The Top 10 Techniques
You’ll Learn in This Book

Overcome Performance Anxiety Like a World-Class Athlete
Find the G-spot, A-spot, All the Spots!
Help Her Experience Squirting for The First Time
Unlock all Types of Orgasms
Fulfill Her Naughtiest Fantasies by Understanding Her Erotic Mind
Quench Her Thirst for Kink
Fuck Like a Beast with Any Sized Cock
Master The Foreplay That Makes Her Beg for More
Curate a 90-minute Orgasmic Experience
Give Aftercare She’ll Brag About to Her Friends

Meet Kenneth Play

“The World’s Greatest Sex Hacker”

Kenneth Play is proof that great lovers are made, not born.

Most people think being good at sex comes naturally. Either you have it, or you don’t.

Kenneth is an Asian immigrant with an average-sized penis who lived most of his early life with crippling sexual insecurity. Determined to overcome this anxiety, he dedicated his life to studying the complexities of academic sex research, exploring the mysteries of Tantra, immersing himself in the forbidden world of BDSM, and even joining the lustful chaos of underground sex parties.

His quest worked. Today, GQ calls Kenneth “the world’s greatest sex hacker,” Men’s Health calls him “the orgy king,” and he is now ready to tell you exactly what he has learned.

In Beyond Satisfied, Kenneth shares the sex hacking secrets he’s successfully taught millions of men. This book is a cross between Bruce Lee’s mixed martial arts approach and Tim Ferriss’ 80/20 rule-but for sex. Far from just another “find her clitoris” guide, Beyond Satisfied distills hard science and hands-on experience into techniques that any man can successfully put into practice.

In this book, you’ll learn scientific secrets that unlock her hidden orgasmic potential and gain a huge array of skills that will get you results-right now.


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Bonus Interviews

Listen to bonus interviews with Ian Kerner (author of bestseller She Comes First), Dr. James Pfaus, and Dr. Zhana, covering the secrets of arousal, internal and external orgasms, & how to negotiate sex in the modern world.




Instant Access Anywhere

The most affordable way to access all of Kenneth’s knowledge! Read anywhere, at any time, on any device. Take digital notes and access the animated diagrams with a single click.                                                                                                  

Expert Praise

Don’t take it from me, hear what the experts has to say?

Who Benefits From This Book?

Married Men

Who’ve lost the spark in what used to be a passionate, fiery relationship.

Inexperienced Men

With performance anxiety, doubting if they’re good enough in bed.

Frustrated Couples

Who can’t get on the same page and truly satisfy each other’s needs.

Experienced Guys

Who think they’re good but have no way of knowing if they really are.

Single Guys

Who are constantly getting ghosted after the first hookup.

All Women

With unmet sexual needs, that could so easily be fulfilled — if only men knew how!

Be the Man Who Sets the Bar.

The world is changing rapidly as we make great strides in equality. When women don’t need men’s money and protection, great partnered sex is even more highly valued. This is the best time to become remarkable in bed, because the bar is set so low! The Beyond Satisfied book gives you the secrets of what woman crave in this low-satisfaction sexual market.