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The Scientific Secret of the Female Orgasm!

My frequent collaborator Dr. Zhana has an amazing podcast that you may know, called The Science of Sex, and I recently re-listened to one of my favorite episodes from the very beginning about the female orgasm and clitoris. In this episode,…
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Have You Tried the PURE Hookup App Yet?

WANT IMMEDIATE, ANONYMOUS, AND SCANDALOUS SEX?...Now that I have your attention, check out what we've got going on at the Casual Sex Project and find out how to enter for a chance to win free LELO toys and an Adventure Kit, all while…
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The Best $25 You Ever Spent for a Hookup

By Kenneth Play & Dr. Zhana......As many of you may know, our greatest passion in life is sharing with people accurate sexual knowledge and empowering them to have more authentic, more pleasurable, safer sex lives,…
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Synchronized Play for Simultaneous Feels: Epic Sex Toy Hacking with LELO

I’m so excited to share my experience with the LELO Tiani and LELO Hugo toys. As a sex hacking expert, the minute I saw these toys and figured out how they worked, my mind was flooded with possibilities for ways to use them together with a…
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The Adventure Kit

For Hooking Up Healthy! The Adventure Kit is designed to make your hook-up adventures safer, fresher, and more pleasurable. Based on all the #LegitSexScience we've reviewed, and all the Casual Sex Project stories we have read, we believe you'll…
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Casual Sex: Everyone Is Doing It

Check out the New Yorker’s piece, Casual Sex: Everyone Is Doing It, to find out more about my research project The Casual Sex Project, what it does, and how I got started on it!