Course Review: The Sex Ed Teacher You Never Had

Sex education in schools (and often from our parents/care-takers) is really bad. There’s honestly no nice way to put it: sex ed for most of us sucked. And we’ve probably spent most of our adult lives trying to overcome these deficiencies. When we become sexually active, most of us know nothing about anatomy let alone pleasure and the many ways to tap into it. The clitoris? Nope, not in the textbook. Advantages of different positions? Too graphic, obviously. Multiple orgasms? This isn’t porn for goodness sake!

I want to give us all a second chance. In particular, men need the sex ed they were robbed of: one that focuses on female pleasure. I want to be the sex ed teacher you always wanted, teaching you anatomy and communication all in one fell swoop. I want to teach men how to give their lovers erotic experiences they yearn for. I want to help every couple reclaim their right to pleasure and great sex.

Which is why I’m honored that writer Emma Austin described me as “the sex ed teacher we all need”. She took some of my courses through EroticFilms, and wrote a review of my teaching on her blog. I feel not only grateful for her kind words about my courses, but also that she sees the goal that I hold so near-and-dear. We all deserve better sex ed. It is my passion to give you that.

Emma talks about her own struggles with bad sex ed, which I know a lot of us can relate to, and how she’s spent years working to overcome it. She reviews not only my techniques but also gets into my teaching style, and what I consider the most crucial part of my lessons: calibration to your specific partner. Emma writes:

Good technique is responsive. Being great at sex isn’t about memorizing a few moves — it’s about figuring out what turns your partner on and giving it to them. And, outside of maybe a few porn videos, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do a better job of demonstrating that.

I would love for you to read Emma’s review. What bad sex ed lessons are you still holding onto? What do you wish you had learned? What can you still learn? (Hint: so, so much!) Dig deep into the pleasure lessons you want to explore, with me.

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