Edging Hack To Try Tonight

How can you enhance the intensity of orgasm? No, you don’t have to get kinky, or purchase a new vibrator. You actually just need your mind, and the willingness to practice self discipline. This sex hack is known as “edging”, and it’s used to give yourself, and your partner the most mind blowing orgasms. Edging is actively prolonging the time before orgasm by noticing when you are getting close to the point of no return, and pulling back. This dials down arousal so you can build it back up, or allows you the opportunity to stay near the “edge” or orgasm for a long time before tipping over. You are basically trying to milk as much pleasure out if it is possible, so you can intensify your orgasm, and mental arousal as you get closer.

Edging has been practiced in various ancient spiritual traditions that have a sexual yogic element, like Taoism, and tantra. When you engage in edging, you will need to commit to increasing your awareness of the sensations in your body to create an intensely pleasurable experience. This is obviously much more than just having enough self control to pull the vibrator away, or stop your hand from moving through that one last stroke fellas, and will require you to actually pay attention to your body as arousal is building.

 The way that this is happening as we know it in modern science is allowing an intense buildup of various neurotransmitters and activation of neural activity over longer periods of time, which creates a subjectively altered, unique state of mind than what we are used to. However, to help you understand this better, we are going to need to understand a little bit more about arousal in our bodies. We are going to need to do a short science lesson by my head of research and development, Chelsey Fasano 

The state of arousal is governed by the nervous system and the balance between the sympathetic (SNS) and parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). During sex, our bodies vacillate between these two systems. The PNS calms us down, while the SNS is responsible for the fight, flight, freeze response that motivates us to react to stressors. A shift into the rest-digest system (PNS) allows you or your partner to turn off the task oriented, hyper aware brain, and sink into relaxation so arousal can build up. Then, as we near orgasm and begin to lose control, our SNS is activated again, and we enter a state of involuntary response. Edging ultimately is keeping ourselves in a state of limbo, teetering on the edge of relaxation, and excitement.  With this hack, you will learn how to relax your body as orgasm is getting close, thereby learning to have more control over your orgasm potential. That means no more sneezing in your pants guys, or cumming before she’s even had the chance to get turned on. Doing this will require discipline. You need to develop more focus and awareness of sensations of pleasure, and to notice when you are tense or relaxed during sex. Think about the scene from “The Matrix”, when Neo dodged bullets by focusing, and slowing down time while heightening his senses and movement. In a sense, you are trying to slow down your subjective experience of time to prolong you or your partner’s peak amount of pleasure, and heightening the sensations around it. 


Let me walk you through it, and in order to do this, all you need to understand is boiling water. If you have that, then these 3 easy steps, you’ll be able to understand how to master edging.

 Step 1: Increase Awareness of Arousal: Start by focusing on the pleasure you experience as you start to get more aroused. When you get closer to the edge of orgasm or you notice your partner getting closer, you’ll begin to feel tension in yours or their body, and a desire towards orgasm. Have you heard the phrase “A watched pot never boils”? Same concept here, except you are trying not to strive for the water to boil (or in this case, the orgasm). You want to stand there and just “be”,  don’t turn up the heat to try and speed up the process, instead acknowledge that it is heating up slowly.  

Step 2: Relax your muscles: When you get the urge to tense up, focus on using your breath to relax all of the muscles in your pelvis area, abdomen, and genitals. This is a little easier to do when we relax other muscles as well, like our solar plexus, anus, quads, and stomach. When you start to get closer, you will reach a point where there is no going back, so you want to stay right on the edge of this point. When you start to see the little bubbles form in the water, lower the heat, keep the water on a simmer, and actively keep it from crossing over into the boiling phase. This process will get you used to being in that “limbo” phase, teetering on the edge. The HACK here is controlling the flame by relaxation. Bruce Lee said “be like water”, but I want you to be a slow simmer, gradually building to a boil. (When you are first starting this process it might be difficult to just “be”, so try slowing down physically by pulling your hands, mouth, or toys away from the genitals to decrease stimulation. This will force you to slow down)


Step 3: Increased Capacity for Pleasure: I know you were thinking that the last step in this was going to be a mind blowing orgasm, and that is evidently part of this process, however the last step of edging is it’s lasting effects on your orgasm potential. Let’s say that we could alter the laws of physics, and raise the temperature at which water boiled. That is essentially what we are doing here. The lasting effects will be being able to be in a continued state of moment to moment orgasmic appreciation. By doing this you will increase the range of sensitivity, intensity of your orgasms, and the range of control that you have over them. (Once you reach your new set point, your boiling point becomes your simmer) 

Of course, there is more to it than this small introduction, but this is a good starting point. Learn some more tips and tricks in this article, or explore pleasure conditioning in depth on the Sex Hacker Pro course which can be explored more here


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