Book Your First Coaching Session

Thank you for your excitement in exploring your sexual desires!

I offer three different types of coaching sessions: Remote/Video Coaching, Couples Coaching, and Single Coaching.

The Couples and Singles Sessions are done in-person with me in Brooklyn, New York.

The Remote Sessions tend to be a bit shorter than an in-person session since it’s mainly discussion-based. You can find more information on the differences between these types of sessions here.

In general, a coaching session has two phases:

  • first, I will talk with you about your desires, communication styles, obstacles you may have, and fantasies you want to share with your partner
  • then, I will take the role of a sort-of “personal trainer”, guiding you both as you try new techniques together, plan fantasies to play out in the future, etc.

During sessions, I maintain a few boundaries around myself, namely:

  • I am not participating, but rather show-and-tell-ing
  • I only use my hands or toys with clients
  • I do not receive any touch

Let me know if you have more questions about the sessions themselves!

I begin any coaching with an introduction call between all parties and myself.