Here is the Video That Taught 2.7 Million Men How to Make Any Woman Squirt
A year ago, I published a video on PornHub where I demonstrated, along with Riley Reyes, useful tips on how to make a woman squirt with your hands.

It went viral. The video now has close to 2.7 million views and hundreds of comments from men worldwide.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure (warning: the video is NSFW).

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After I uploaded the video, comments started pouring in...
Some were expressing their thanks.
I was surprised that even women watched it, and their comments were a bit too enthusiastic (hey, I ain't complainin').
And some comments were hilarious (and honest at the same time):
And some comments were hilarious (and honest at the same time):
The fact is, men wanted to educate themselves on how to please their woman.

After the video, people often asked me if I have other videos to share.

So I decided to expand this video into a whole course. So I filmed 10 HD-quality videos on squirting, explaining things in the same format, with a partner, "doing it" live. And then I kept going, turning those 10 videos into 70+ videos on all my sex hacks.

I'm not just some random dude coming up with weird sex ideas...

These techniques are backed by actual research. My collaborator is Dr. Zhana, a NYU psychology professor and a sex educator. Together, we do sex-related workshops in Brooklyn, where hundreds of couples around NYC come for help. Here is both of us being featured on Bustle Magazine:

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