Know exactly how to pleasure her

The proven sex hacks that will blow her mind.

Great lovers are made, not born.

Men are not inherently selfish. Society has made men insecure about their size, erections, and endurance. We're all robbed of a good sex education. I say, fuck all that bullshit.

I've helped thousands of good men realize their sexual potential and take their lovers to places they've never been before.

Hi, my name is Kenneth Play.

Hi, my name is Kenneth Play.

GQ calls me "the world's greatest sex hacker" and Playboy says I'm "a personal trainer for pussy", but I'm also a formerly sexually insecure Asian immigrant with an average-sized cock.

In the last 9 years I've been obsessively deconstructing techniques from world-renowned sex educators, researchers, kinksters, tantra masters, and tested them in thousands of hours of hands-on sessions. I discovered sex hacks that completely transformed my life.

Now I need to share the secrets I've learned. Taking you from insecurity to lasting confidence, from an average to a remarkable lover. I care about you getting results.

Become a Sought-After Lover

I've created a course to literally show men how to give their lovers endless orgasms, mind-blowing connection, and pleasure they never knew was possible.



Guys who are genuine sex gods are typically not leading seminars in how every other guy around can catch up to them.  That's where Kenneth Play comes in.  Now he's sharing what he's learned with the rest of us.  It's a prodigious amount of knowledge, blending first-hand experience in bed with research into what the world's foremost sexologists are saying about the human body and the ways it works in the bedroom.



In time, the pupil became the master. Play hit the books, applying a Tim Ferris approach to everything sex and—with the help of an increasing number of open-minded partners—began to deconstruct and understand the elements that make up good sex.

Men's Health

Yesterday I had an experience that made me reflect upon how powerful some of your lessons have been. I hooked up with someone who has always intimidated the hell out of me sexually. (So much so that I had never pursued her.) She's very sex-positive and has clearly had a lot of experiences compared to me (I was in a monogamous relationship with my "high school sweetheart" for 10+ years until recently). Afterwards - among other things - she couldn't say enough nice things about how good I was with my hands. She was absolutely glowing. The past six months have been a game-changer and yesterday was just the icing on the cake. The impact of this stuff extends way beyond sex. The positive benefits on intimacy, dating, relationships, confidence, etc. is huge.

Anonymous Customer

Before I came across Kenneth, I had serious performance anxiety, and as a result, I could rarely stay hard, if I ever got hard with a partner. It was life crushing; when previous partners wanted what was only natural, I could rarely step up to the plate. I honestly didn't know what to do. Since watching Kenneth's in-depth videos on what makes a woman tick, and how to do it, I've applied everything he's taught me, and as a result, I've overcome all my anxieties. Not only that, I'm in the happiest and healthiest relationship of my life; since I can now satisfy my partner in every way. And because I'm giving my girl everything she wants, it means I get to do it a lot more often. Kenneth is, without a doubt, the number one guy when it comes to real sex education.

Brenton, Customer

I got your modules a few months back and just really want to offer you the warmest of hugs. They are great and really made me realize just how little I know. I am a family medicine doctor and discussions of sex occasionally come up. I must say that today was the first day that I recommended the modules to a patient. Thank you for making the world a more open place!

Anonymous Customer

I am seriously having the best sex of my life and it's thanks to you guys. I have never been happier and I cannot stop cumming LOL!

Anonymous Customer


So you're like a personal trainer for pussy. I'd say it's the best job I've ever seen. Whoa, and yes! That was epic. And after all that, he placed his hand over her vagina to bring her down and clean her up. This guy's a keeper! That was my kind of show...from learning how to find and play the hell of the g spot...BRAVO!

Playboy TV, Undercover

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