How to Write a Sext that Doesn’t Suck

The Huffington Post recently featured my advice in their article “How to Write a Sext that Doesn’t Suck”! Sexting is such an underrated form of foreplay, so this article was awesome to be a part of. I would even say that sexting is one of the most crucial skills in your dating strategy!

One of my top tips, and HuffPost’s, is to make sure your sexting is consensual! As I told them in my interview, “If you spam with an offer, it doesn’t matter how good the offer is, it’s still spam. Make sure your sexting is not unsolicited, but is welcome and expected.”

The full article is bursting with pro-tips on sexting from myself and other sexperts, including proper compliments, how to know what to send, and more.

But overall the biggest advice we have for you are around consent, knowing your partner’s erotic preferences, and not being afraid to get a little into it, whether its silly or not. Sexting has often brought a lot of joy to me, whether because its fun and flirtatious or because it makes me super excited to see my lover that night. And to think all this arousal is just a text away! To quote Huffpost author Brittany Wong, at the end of the day, “it really is that simple: Make sure the sexting is consensual, know your audience and get a little playful.”

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