Interview With the “Guys We Fucked” Podcast!

I’m so incredibly honored to have been a special guest for this sold-out live recording of the “Guys We Fucked” Podcast in the famous Carolines on Broadway! I had such a blast on the show, giving a mock squirting hack and explaining PNF anal stretching on stage in Times Square. I’m still glowing with excitement.

Sex hacks aside, this episode is a really emotional one. In the beginning of the podcast (I come in at 27:00 and again around 42:30), Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher discuss the results of the election and their disappointment in America for failing to elect such a strong, capable woman to the highest office in the country. I believe so strongly that we all need to work together to empower women to believe that they can do anything, although I’m sure this is hard for women to believe sometimes with the daily oppressions they face. I want to do my part in an effort to empower women by teaching them how to experience their potential for pleasure (re: my squirting tutorial and teaching “cliteracy”), by teaching men how to give women pleasure, and by encouraging women’s free, radical sexual expression.

This show is additionally important in a time when we may fear our ability to progress as a society, as the results of the election show that many more Americans that we realized support such regressive ideas. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to move forward and continue to promote sex education and sex-positive culture to a larger, mainstream audience. This podcast was such a special opportunity for me to reach more people outside my already sex-positive audience, and if we’re going to make major changes in societal attitudes, it’s so important to get out of our bubble and reach others who aren’t exposed to such open-minded, positive thinking. There’s so much amazing social, political, and educational work out there that promotes such values as equality, feminism, open-mindedness, and body/sex-positivism, and I feel so fortunate to be able to take part in this movement with sex education to help improve people’s lives and attitudes about themselves. Unfortunately, it’s clear that America has large pockets of populations who aren’t getting these messages. Our work is cut out for us, and for me, it starts right here:




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