Tips for a Kinkier New Year

New year, new you, new sex life? Whether better sex officially made your Resolution list, or you’re looking to bring joy to January, it’s always fun to try something new in the bedroom. HuffPost recently interviewed me and other fantastic sex educators for new things to explore this year. Check it out here!

In particular, I talk about my hot oil massage sex hack! I want to make sure you have all the tools to make this quick and easy, though, so here’s more details below!

Warm Things Up
Hot Plate + Massage Oil + Blindfold

There’s nothing like the warmth of a hot oil massage, especially when you add a blindfold to the mix. I place my massage oil of choice in a waterproof container such as a plastic bottle, then in a cup full of water, submerged except for the top. I place the cup on my hot plate, set to around 180 degrees, so the oil can heat evenly. Once that’s ready, I blindfold my lover and lead them to wherever I’ll be doing the massage, with everything nearby. I remove the massage oil from its warm bath, and slowly drip oil onto my partner’s body. The blindfold lends the oil drops an added edge of anticipation, and the warmth creates a very arousing sensation. Just make sure to turn your hot plate off after you’re done! The incredible part of this experience and sex hack is that you’re combining different senses to create something new — in this case, temperature, touch, and taking away sight.

SO sensuous! Now go check out even more tips in the Huffington Post article: 7 Sex Tips For Couples Looking To Get Kinkier In The New Year by Brittany Wong !


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