Hacienda featured on The Love Drive!

My colleague and amazing friend Lila, of horizontal with Lila, recently was a guest on The Love Drive Show to talk about intentional communities, sex parties, and non-monogamy — and she gave a shout out to my work too!

Sex parties and the sex positive community can be somewhat intimidating when you first decide to immerse yourself in it. But as Lila explains, a lot of it is about finding the place and the people that feel good and safe for you, and also learning to be intentional and open.

Lila also talks about navigating nonmonogamy and sexual desires in healthy ways, whether through workshops about polyamory and its intersections or self-awareness about your novelty drive in seeking partners.

I highly recommend giving it a listen either through their site or below!

Living in a sex-positive community with Lila Donnolo