My Private PlayLabs are Receiving International Attention!

That’s right, my Private PlayLabs are being featured around the world! Check out this recent article in The Sun!

Here’s one of my favorite parts of this piece:

Kenneth, who has been a sex coach for three years, said: “It’s not that much different to be a personal trainer.

“People can be shy because we aren’t comfortable in talking about sex, but what I teach is very informative and educational, like a show and tell.

“It is about discovering their fantasy, what each couple finds arousing and then finding common ground.”

As many of you know, I used to be a personal trainer before I became a sex coach. One of the things that really inspired me to change careers was seeing how accessible help is if you’re looking to change your fitness life, but how hard it is to find that type of individualized help in your sex life.

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