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Men are not inherently selfish. Society has made men insecure about their size, erections, and endurance. We’re all robbed of a good sex education. I say, fuck all that bullshit.

I’ve helped thousands of good men realize their sexual potential and take their lovers to places they’ve never been before.

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Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life!


“Wow. This was incredibly insightful. I think other than improving through practice and experience over time, know how to communicate in all of these ways you just shared is critical to become a great lover for you partner. Definitely will re-watch this a few times so it can really sink in and implement them until they become sexual habits when making love to a partner. Communicate is key for improvement and for ultimate satisfaction for her maximized arousal as well as stimulation.”

Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life!


“Kenneth is the real deal. After my divorce I took his private lesson and online course. He is a very caring and enlightening teacher that’s opened my eyes to the world of foreplay and sex. His teachings have had a huge positive impact on my sex life and confidence in myself. Highly recommend listening to him. You will not regret it.”

Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life!

Nathan Brown

“Great course for every serious lover. This course is very helpful and informative. Love watching each video with my partner and experiencing what we are learning!”

Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life!
Kenneth Play - Hack Your Sex Life!

Jin Duong

“I first knew about Kenneth more than 2 years ago via a magazine, then took a look at his content in Pornhub before deciding to buy his course roughly 2 years ago. Since then, it’s always one of my best decision in my life. The content of his course (I bought “Sex hacker bundle”) is well delivered, practical, and very easy to apply. A lot of myths are discussed in his course, such as dick size and sexual pleasure etc. which amazes me and how well his tricks help me and my partners in bed. Kenneth’s course to me doesn’t only help me with my sexual performance, but boost my confidence in life, too. Better bed time, better wellbeing, and I love it. I’m a big supporter of Kenneth and hope he will make more new content soon. Thank you”

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