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Whether looking to please their lovers more than ever before or seeking greater confidence in their skills.


Great for couples looking to overcome challenges in the bedroom or explore new desires.


From mastering fundamentals to busting out showstopper moves, it's all in one course.

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Hi my name is Kenneth Play. I would like to share something vulnerable about myself. Before GQ called me "the world's greatest sex hacker" and Playboy said I was "a personal trainer for pussy", I was a sexually insecure Asian immigrant with an average-sized cock. My journey towards overcoming my insecurity has led me down an unconventional path. I’ve been obsessively deconstructing sex techniques from ancient wisdom to cutting edge science.  The sex hacking method and rapid skill aquisition techniques I have created have radically transformed my own sex life and the sex lives of thousands of students around the world.  My students have gained lasting confidence, learned to experience mind-blowing connection and to give their partners endless orgasms.  

Science Based

Learn pleasure techniques and sex hacks, backed up by science

Developed with Women

Developed with and approved by women

100% Real

Authentic interactions with real demos. No plastic models


Legit Sex Science with Dr.Zhana

Dr. Zhana Vrangalova and I’m a NYC-based sex researcher, writer, and educator.

I have a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University, where I studied how different aspects of sexuality (especially casual sex/promiscuity and mostly heterosexuality) are linked to health and well-being. I am currently an adjunct professor at the NYU Psychology department where I teach the first Human Sexuality course this department has offered in a long, long time.

I continue to do research and publish in academic journals (view my CV here). My latest research project is a survey on squirting ( with Kenneth Play.

I also write about the science of casual sex and nonmonogamy on Psychology Today; give evidence-based, educational talks/workshops about casual sex, non-monogamy, and “mostly heterosexuals”; and tweet daily about fun new sex research (a follower once had this to say about my tweeting: “DrZhana‘s tweet stream is like falling into an actual stream. Made of brains. Instead of water.”

9 Course Modules Breakdown

Pleasure Theory
Pleasure Loop

Pleasure Loops: Creating a Culture of Communication
How you can create a culture of communication in your relationship, how to talk about pleasure in more concrete ways, and the pleasure loop game.

how to touch

How to Touch for Her Pleasure
Consent is more than a yes or no, a tea video, or a one time conversation. Consent is a wheel with lots of options, directions of touch, and more.


A guide to female anatomy (or cliteracy!) with the help of Lola Jean and a vulva puppet.


Quinn breaks down the different varieties of orgasms, the myths that surround them, and what the science of orgasm is.

Pleasure Wiring

Pleasure Wiring
Chelsey & I break down the way your brain, nerves, body, and more all interact to hardwire you for different pleasure.

Pleasure Habits

Pleasure Habits
Learn about the ways you may have conditioned your body and mind to specific types of pleasure, and how you can change if you want to.


Mindfulness for Sex
Have you wondered how to combat your performance anxiety? Or help your lover be present? The secret to both, & a lot of other challenges, is staying mindful.


I'll pass on to you techniques from my studies under tantra masters to help you connect with your partner through grounding, breathing, & your senses.

full body

Full Body Massage
I teach the lost art of the full body erotic massage, covering techniques such as heating up your massage oil and the Thousand Hands method.

vulva massage

Vulva Massage & Clitoral Arousal
We'll focus on arousing & engorging the vulva, plus how to discover the specific ways your partner prefers her clitoris stimulated.

FOREPLAY: Foreplay is all about connecting, getting into the same headspace, and being in touch with each other’s bodies.

Warming Up
Learn about the importance of warming up and some quick foreplay techniques, including a different style of tantra grounding.


Undressing Hack
Make even the smallest moment sexier, learn how to remove your lover's bra & underwear effortlessly.


Breast Play
I'll show how to give your lover's breasts the love & care they deserve, including massaging, kissing, and other stimulation.


Sensual Shower & Anal Prep
Shower sex can be many things: a sensual pampering, a sexual rendezvous, preparation for future sex scenes, and more.


Goddess Bath: Pampering Your Partner
I share the ultimate blend of peak experiences, senses, curation, and pleasure. The Goddess Bath is a ritual that incorporates all of the senses & pampers your partner.

Fingering & Touch
touch 1

Touch Part 1: External
I teach clitoral and vulva external touch techniques, including some that are better for more sensitive partners who can become easily overstimulated.

touch 2

Touch Part 2: Internal
I cover internal vaginal touch techniques, including pressure and speed variations for women who don't like the hard-and-fast approach to fingering.

finger calib

Calibration with Fingers
Learn how to master fingering entry, calibrate your depth for their ultimate pleasure, and details about vaginal anatomy.

toy calib

Calibration with Toys
I'll show how to maintain feedback during play, the clit clock game, plus the details of orgasm phases and following your partner through them.

oral foundations

Oral Foundations
Warm your partner up to the oral experience, beginning with some first kiss techniques, calibrating, & the basic tongue techniques.

sucking vs licking

Sucking vs Licking
Learn more complicated versions of the basics, how to piece them together for deeper pleasure, and a sucking skill to help engorge the clitoris for greater arousal.

tongue fucking

Tongue Fucking vs Fingering
The lost art of tongue fucking, plus the ultimate finishing combination of g-spot stimulation while licking and why consistency is so important.


A journey into the intricacies of facesitting, including the differences between you licking versus your partner riding, techniques to apply from earlier, and more.

squirt science

The Science of Squirting
Dr. Zhana goes over the research around squirting, what ejaculate is really made of, and what makes a squirting orgasm different than others.


Flexing & PC Muscles
I use a combination of research, classic kegal exercises, and more to discuss techniques of engaging your BC & PC Muscles for heightened pleasure.


Manual - External Touch Squirting
Lola & I show how to make someone squirt using only external stimulation, mainly through clitoral touch.

involuntary finger

Finger Penetration "Involuntary Squirting"
I demonstrate the easiest positions to stimulate the g-spot from, and talk about the important role the pelvic floor muscles play.

involuntary toy

Squirting With Toys
I show how to make someone squirt using two of his favorite toys: the Njoy Pure Wand & the Hitachi rechargeable vibrator.

first time squirt

Deep End, G-Spot, & First Time Squirting
I discuss squirting coaching, the deep end of the vagina, cervical pleasure, finding the g-spot, and ultimately assist Miyati as she squirts for the first time!

first time interview

Post-First Time Squirting Interview
Miyati shares what her first time squirting felt like and any coaching tips she has for women trying to squirt.

standing squirt

Standing Squirting
Lola & I show a squirting hack that can be used while both participants are standing or kneeling.


Voluntary Squirting
Lola teaches how women can make themselves squirt & the powerful feeling of squirting on a lover’s chest.


Missionary & General Technique
In the first lesson of this module, I’ll cover angle, entry, external stimulation during missionary, and other variations on the classic style.


Side Angle
A position that can come in handy on tiny beds, your in-laws futon, or to accommodate injuries, I'll cover entry, adjustments, & more for this adaptable position.


Doggie Style
I'll highlight the versatility of doggie style, entry, adjustments for angle, & all three of my favorite variations (including how to make it a bit kinkier too).


Cowgirl allows your partner control over depth, angle, external stimulation, and more. Plus, we'll cover some variations to shift control.

demo flow

Demo: Authentic Flow
The teaching strap-on comes off and I'll show how all the previous moves can flow together in one session.

sensual flow

Demo: Sensual Flow
Some women prefer a slow grinding to orgasm rather than harder thrusts or intense stimulation. This flow shows what slower, sensual penetration can look like.

Multiple Orgasms
Multiple Orgasms

What are Multiple Orgasms?
What are multiple orgasms? Can everyone have them? How do they work? How can you help your partner have them? Quinn answers these questions and more.

Multiple Demo

Multiple Orgasms Demo
Multiple orgasms & pleasure can come together in an approach to a sexual pleasure session that allows a lingering and enhancing of pleasure through multiple types of touch, types of orgasm, and more.

Multiple Flow

Multiple Orgasms Flow
Miyati & I demonstrate what Multiple Orgasms look like in actual practice in this flow. Plus, we share an honest conversation about the struggles of receiving.

Anal Masturbation

Anal Masturbation
When trying anal play, it can be less intimidating if your partner tries it on her own with a dildo first, and useful for her to find her pleasure spots.

First Time Entry P1

First Time Entry Part 1 - Warm Up Anal Play
With this video you can learn all about how to warm up your partner, take things slow, and make first time anal a pleasurable experience for everyone!

First Time Entry Part 2

First Time Entry Part 2 - Penetration
I'll cover the transition from warm up to penetration, ways to aim, taking things slow with your penis, and how to make the whole experience pleasure-focused.

Cowgirl Anal

Partner-Guided Cowgirl Anal Entry
Sometimes your partner may find it easier to guide anal entry herself, in which case the cowgirl position may be perfect. Plus, we'll cover anal negotiation.

Anal Demo

Demo: Anal Flow
Michelle & I demonstrate a full anal play scene, with warm up, vaginal penetration with a butt plug in, anal preparation, anal penetration, and anal aftercare.

intro kink

A Brief Introduction to Kink
Quinn gives this basic introduction to kink to cover safety, some terms that will come up in the course, how to negotiate, ways to approach kink, and more.

common kink

A Guide to Common Kink Play
Quinn covers some popular types of kink play, different ways to explore play & dynamics, and more in this continuation of the introduction.


Negotiation with Kenneth & Sorcery
Sorcery & I chat about this module, why they're drawn to kink and what it means to them, and negotiate for our future kink scenes.

ds basics

Dominance & Submission Basics
Sorcery & I show different ways you can dabble with dominance & submission such as position training, giving instructions, and styles of enacting dynamics.

ds play

Playing with Dominance & Submission
Dominance & submission deals primarily with role-playing power and control. I show how you can use D/s techniques, positions, and more in your other play.

bondage chest

Bondage: Safety & Chest Harness
Learn about the basics of bondage, some safety precautions, and a chest harness that is both lovely to wear & practical for having some fun.

bondage cuffs 1

Bondage: Cuffs Part 1
The most versatile rope bondage ties are single columns & double columns. I'll cover a basic double column cuff & how to have some fun with it!

bondage hip

Bondage: Hip Harness
I showcase my favorite hip harness by Danarama that is both aesthetically pleasing & perfect for sex.

bondage cuffs 2

Bondage: Cuffs Part 2
In this lesson, I cover a reverse tension double column by Danarama and a "cat paw" style single column that remains adjustable.

belt bondage

Belt Bondage
I share one of my favorite bondage hacks -- using any regular belt!

impact 1

Spanking & More: Impact Basics
Impact play includes pain & sensation play such as spanking, flogging, and more. We teach safety, the chemical effect of impact, & how to use some fun toys.

impact 2

Impact Play Continued
Sorcery & I cover some other impact toys such as floggers, paddles, dragon tongues, and more.

sex bondage

Demo: Bondage for Sex
An authentic demo showing how you can incorporate belt and bed rope bondage into a fun sexual encounter!

sexy spanking

Sexy Spankings
Using a unique position with an everyday couch, I teach you the biomechanics and delight of spanking your partner while also using a Hitachi to stimulate them.

impact and restraints

Impact, Sensations, & Restraint
I show how to incorporate restraints into a scene, and alternating more intense toys with sensation-based ones to help your partner ride the waves of endorphins.

fear demo

Demo: Fear & Sensory Deprivation Scene
Sorcery & I demonstrate a kink scene that uses fear play, sensory deprivation, and forced orgasms to create a multi-layered experience!

swing chair

Demo: Swing Chair Kink Fun
In this demo video, I turn an ordinary outdoor swing chair into a sexy kinky rendezvous, blending oral, clitoral stimulation, fingering, anal sex, and more.

animated 3

What is Sex Hacking?

Sex hacking is the art and science of optimizing sexual experience and pleasure.

One of the greatest lies we are told is that sex is natural. And if it's natural, it doesn’t require any elevation or sophistication. It’s as though we are modern men eating raw chicken. Just think about all the flavors and experiences the culinary arts have unlocked for us. By applying the hacking method to your sex life, you and your lover will experience the various flavors of pleasure beyond your wildest expectations.


beyond satisfied customers (& their partners!)

Yesterday I had an experience that made me reflect upon how powerful some of your lessons have been. I hooked up with someone who has always intimidated the hell out of me sexually. (So much so that I had never pursued her.) She's very sex-positive and has clearly had a lot of experiences compared to me (I was in a monogamous relationship with my "high school sweetheart" for 10+ years until recently). Afterwards - among other things - she couldn't say enough nice things about how good I was with my hands. She was absolutely glowing. The past six months have been a game-changer and yesterday was just the icing on the cake. The impact of this stuff extends way beyond sex. The positive benefits on intimacy, dating, relationships, confidence, etc. is huge.

Before I came across Kenneth, I had serious performance anxiety, and as a result, I could rarely stay hard, if I ever got hard with a partner. It was life crushing; when previous partners wanted what was only natural, I could rarely step up to the plate. I honestly didn't know what to do. Since watching Kenneth's in-depth videos on what makes a woman tick, and how to do it, I've applied everything he's taught me, and as a result, I've overcome all my anxieties. Not only that, I'm in the happiest and healthiest relationship of my life; since I can now satisfy my partner in every way. And because I'm giving my girl everything she wants, it means I get to do it a lot more often. Kenneth is, without a doubt, the number one guy when it comes to real sex education.

I got your modules a few months back and just really want to offer you the warmest of hugs. They are great and really made me realize just how little I know. I am a family medicine doctor and discussions of sex occasionally come up. I must say that today was the first day that I recommended the modules to a patient. Thank you for making the world a more open place!

I am seriously having the best sex of my life and it's thanks to you guys. I have never been happier and I cannot stop cumming LOL!

Can’t wait to put “sex nerd” on my business card. I’m loving the complete Sex Hacker Pro course, it’s been 10 days and I’m already starting the kink course. I watch on hour long commute to school everyday. I just wanted to say thanks for putting out this content, it’s because of you I made my partner squirt for the first time in her life after watching your free video on pornhub. Since buying this course I’m blown away by the complexity that the act of sex is, I wish I would of known this before losing my virginity. Keep up the great work! 🤩

Wow. This was incredibly insightful. I think other than improving through practice and experience over time, know how to communicate in all of these ways you just shared is critical to become a great lover for you partner. Definitely will re-watch this a few times so it can really sink in and implement them until they become sexual habits when making love to a partner.

How Will This Course Help You?

  • Learn the 20% of skills that are the most useful, impactful, and unforgettable
  • Know the technique that 80% of women prefer to bring them to orgasm reliably every time
  • Identify the right sensations to let your partner ride the waves of multiple orgasms
  • Learn the difference between involuntary and voluntary squirting techniques
  • Overcome your performance anxiety with confidence, competence, and knowledge in your toolkit
  • Understand the crucial fundamentals of great sex -- from anatomy, to neuroscience, to how sexual history informs your habits
  • Pleasure your partner with an oral-fingering combo move, pain-free first-time anal, and erotic kink to live out that 50 Shades of Grey fantasy, to create epic sexual experiences that exceed expectation
  • Learn the different orgasm possibilities, from blended to anal to clitoral to deep spot orgasms
  • Combine decadence and gratitude in a Goddess Bath ceremony that will leave your lover in awe
  • Learn my techniques from countless women’s retreats to create a 90 minute multi-orgasmic experience
  • Gain over 50+ technical skills, plus the ability to sense the emotional state of your partner and how to adapt when things aren’t working
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In time, the pupil became the master. Play hit the books, applying a Tim Ferris approach to everything sex and—with the help of an increasing number of open-minded partners—began to deconstruct and understand the elements that make up good sex.


So you're like a personal trainer for pussy. I'd say it's the best job I've ever seen. Whoa, and yes! That was epic. And after all that, he placed his hand over her vagina to bring her down and clean her up. This guy's a keeper! That was my kind of show...from learning how to find and play the hell of the g spot...BRAVO!

Playboy TV, Undercover


Play doesn’t skimp on sex. Sex Hacker Pro covers all the bases, from the basics of pleasure to oral to multiple orgasms to kink and more, and goes in-depth more or less across the board. The 71 videos total a combined 12 hours in length, and each one seems to feature at least one nugget of sexual learning you’ve almost certainly never encountered before, if not several.

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As a world renown sex educator for women, I am often asked by the women after they leave my Back to the Body Retreats --- who will teach the men. The answer is simple: Kenneth Play.


What I love the most, and what makes him perfect at teaching sex, is how incredibly attentive he is to each individual he works with. He remembers how each of his screen partners like to be treated and he gives them exactly that. [...] He pays attention to the non-verbal body language of his costars, points it out to help the viewer recognize it too, and shows how to react to it appropriately. Good technique is responsive. And, outside of maybe a few porn videos, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do a better job of demonstrating that.


How do I watch the course?

The Sex Hacker Pro course is hosted on an online learning platform called Kajabi, which allows you the stream the whole course anywhere you have an internet connection. You can watch the course on desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers, or access it through the Kajabi mobile app!

The course is not available for download or offline viewing at this time.

Will I have access to the course forever?

Yes! You'll have access to the whole Sex Hacker Pro course for life.

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What if I'm not satisfied?

I offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! If you aren't completely satisfied with the course, you have 30-days to reach out to us for a refund. Just click here.

Is the course for women?

While my teachings are predominantly directed at men learning to pleasure women, many women have shared that they benefited from the videos as well. Women may particularly find my videos on the anatomy of pleasure, communication & feedback, and multiple orgasms useful. Female customers have also said that the videos can be really helpful to watch with a partner, or to gain language to instruct a partner with in bed.

However, I do not currently cover techniques focused on pleasing men, such as fellatio (blow jobs) or penis-based touch.

What if I have questions during the course?

I love questions! Each video in the course has a comment section where you can ask questions and myself or fellow course members can reply. I also sometimes collect common questions to answer in a Q&A series on my Youtube channel, which I send out directly to course members, and occassionally host live Q&A's on my Instagram. Together, myself and the community are there to support you!

For tech support related questions, you can email my team at [email protected]