Sex Hacks for All! featured in Hustler Magazine by T.S. Farley

You want to know the truth of why I do what I do? Why I teach explicit sex education? And more specifically why I cater towards cis straight men to please cis straight women? Because it had never been done before and when I had questions about how to please women I was not in a position to be able to ask one myself and so I searched and searched but no answers.

Women are not as difficult as society makes them out to be. But us men weren't asking the right questions. With a bunch of amazing partners and hands-on research I'm overjoyed to share the information with anyone who's looking.

And that's how I started doing PlayLabs! Oh god I miss them *cries in quarantine*

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There are a lot of life skills that people are just born knowing. Sex is not one of them. Sure there's charm and intuition and conventional attractiveness that might help you get where you want to be but knowing how to please women is learned. You just have to keep asking questions, listening and continuing calibrating with each partner.

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Get to know me a littler better, see the set up of PlayLabs, and feel confident know that if I can be a Sex Hacker - anyone can.

✍️  article written by T.S. Farley - @tsfarley17 on twitter
📸  photography by Casper Monroe

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