Grant Goes on a Mission to Enjoy Shower Sex

Water pouring over skin, hot steam filling the room, massaging touch through soap and suds to find all the right buttons…

There’s a lot of reasons why shower sex is my favorite, but the reason I like it most is that it becomes a full sensory experience. The sound and feel of the water, the temperature of the steam, the worship of washing one another’s bodies before and after… add in some candles or music and you’ve got the makings of a movie scene in your own bathroom.

But not everyone is immediately as thrilled by shower adventures as I am — enter my buddy Grant Stoddard, writer from Tonic and Vice. Grant says he’s never quite liked shower sex, but wanted to try again because his girlfriend really wanted to explore the idea together. A few conversations and a tour of my own shower set-up later, and you’ve got a list of 7 Ways to Make Shower Sex Not Suck, aka Grant’s journey to enjoy shower sex.

Check out the article for some of my favorite shower sex hacks!