Supporting Women of Sex Tech (New York Times)

The New York Times published this amazing piece on New York women who are making waves in the sex tech industry. What an honor to be an ally and support these awesome women!

I’ve had amazing opportunities to work with a lot of the women mentioned in this piece. This summer, I was on one of Future of Sex‘s panels. I’ve partnered with Unbound (use code “PLAY” for 10% off your first purchase) to curate custom boxes, and they’ve donated products to some of our events. Recently, I stepped into the role of sex tech consultant for Dame Products, where I talked to them about vulva typing, which I learned from Elizabeth Wood of Beyond the Bedroom. And before that, I worked with Dame to run a PlayLab featuring one of their toys!

Talking the taboo out of female promiscuity. So elated to be part of the Future of Sex panel, @bryonycole, @wednesdaymartinphd @encounterswithm . Looking forward to continuing to promote positive promiscuity narratives. ??For more info visit my blog post #futureofsex #sextech #promiscuity

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Dr. Zhana and I think a lot about how people incorporate toys into partnered sex, and she’s been able to provide us with the research to help guide how we coach people to do just that! We’re trying to change the attitude about using sex toys. I tell the men that I coach that adding a sex toy into their partnered sex shouldn’t make them feel inadequate or insecure. Instead, couples should focus on connection, whether they’re using toys or not. That’s one of the reasons I love Dame Products so much; their toys are made with intimacy and connection in mind.

I’ve learned so much from the women in this field, and I’m grateful every day that I get to be a part of a moment in the sex-positivity movement that’s pushing female pleasure to the forefront. I’ll keep fighting the good fight to increase cliteracy and teach men about female pleasure.


What an honor to be part of this badass panel created by @melodiousmsm of @eroticintelligence at Soho House! I’m so glad female pleasure and education are the future in the making! The panel featured sextech industry superstars @a.fine.human of @dameproducts + @bryonycole of @futureofsex podcast + @goldenalf + me! #sextech #futureofsex #hackyoursexlife #playlab

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