Ethical Slut Social Live Videos!

For those of you who missed the Ethical Slut Social, check out the three-part video below!

“PolyTalks and Wry Relationships” are guided open forums in a Q&A format. They explore Consensual Non-monogamy, Mono-Amory, Polyamory, Relationship Anarchy, DADT, swingers, BDSM, casual sex, non-exclusive dating, threesomes, and anything outside the realms of traditional monogamous heteronormativity. On September 10, Hacienda Villa hosted a panel discussion featuring Janet Hardy, one of the authors of The Ethical Slut.

Thank you everyone for co-creating this amazing event for Facebook Live and our event audiences. I hope you enjoyed the talks, event space, social time and food!

Special thanks to the epic panelists Janet Hardy, Kitty Chambliss, Effy Blue, Atrina Lovekins, Jackie, Andraleia Buch, Ryan Wry Mantione, and Mollena Lee Williams-Haas.

Hacienda Villa members and friends thank you for all the hard work put in to produce this high-tech and immersive experience! Special thanks to Hacienda Villa members and friends: James Gonsalves, Deniz Akyurek, John O’Mahoney, Beth Pelletier, Rene Bolanos, Ryan Mutton, Emmy Crockett, Shayla Mars, Jamal Carryl, Natan Dvir, and Andrew Sparksfire.

Part I:

Part II:


Part III: