Is Your Penis Good Enough?

The Post just released this interview with me about my top 5 sex hacks for loving the penis you have! This interview was challenging, because the Post kept pushing towards this narrative that your cock is not big enough, so here are some pro-tips on how to compensate for your average-sized cock. And the message … Read more

Love the Penis You Have

A lot of people feel insecure about their bodies.  I’ve talked before about stigma surrounding penis size, but whether or not a penis is circumcised can also contribute to penis insecurities. Luckily, this piece on Refinery29 is combating that stigma and spreading education about uncircumcised penises!  Check it out here: 5 Things to Know About Uncircumcised … Read more

Penis Size – Sex & Stigma

I was just featured in an article for refinery29 that discussed the stigma around small penises and how certain sexual positions make penis size completely irrelevant.

“My name is Kenneth Play and I have an average-sized penis.” This is how I start all my presentations. This topic is clearly very dear to me, and it’s really important to me that we don’t reduce sexuality to equipment (size and how the penis looks), function (how hard and wet), and performance (how long you last and number of orgasms).

Please check out this article. I think this information is so important for penis owners who struggle with size anxiety. The second slide says it best:

“If the measure of a lover was solely based on the size of a guy’s penis, then you could buy a big dildo and have the best lover in the world,” Play says. “And yet, we sell way more vibrators than dildos.”

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