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I love seeing more and more conversations about sex in pop culture. Sex isn't always sexy especially if you're a teenager or new to exploring your sexuality. That's why I had to take a look at the Netflix series 'Sex Education'. In the episode they cover the very real awkwardness that can come with introducing dirty talk into the bedroom. What does she want? When does she want it? What are each of you comfortable
What is sex coaching and what does it mean to be a sex educator? Watch as Elite Daily interviews personal trainer turned hands-on sex educator (and yours truly) Kenneth Play and sex educator, researcher, and writer, Dr. Zhana.
There is very limited science on squirting, which my colleague Dr. Zhana has sifted through extensively while working on the Science of Squirting video (check it out on my Youtube!) for my online course. Dr. Zhana and I also talked squirting together on an episode of her Science of Sex Podcast — combining her academic research expertise with my hands-on “research” when it comes to making vagina-owners squirt. 😂 Just how many vaginas have I
During this pandemic I know a lot of you are feeling stressed. Here’s my care package just for you, featuring a proven mindfulness sex hack to help you manage your anxiety and practice self-care. As many of us quarantine, it can be an amazing time to reconnect with our romantic partners who are isolating with us. Endless time to communicate, unearth unexplored desires, lots of date nights in, etc. But if you suffer from performance
Kenneth and Geronimo propose to Karen
I'm so excited to share with you all that I'm engaged -- actually, co-engaged -- with my now-fiance Karen, and my metamour Geronimo. We are in a polyamourous relationship, specifically a V-triad, meaning that Geronimo and I are a-sexual and a-romantic with each other, but both deeply in love with Karen. She said yes, and yes! As modern love rapidly changes in a world of globalization and technology, the number of people practicing forms of

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