The 90-Minute Orgasm & Its Benefits on Your Mental Health

We all have insecurities and a lot of the time, in women and in men, we let those insecurities hold us back from all kinds of opportunities in our life. Including sexual pleasure. For years I was stuck living an unfulfilled life, insecure, never believing I would be who I wanted to be. After changing my life around, becoming a physical trainer and now sex coach, I live to teach others how to better themselves.

This year I had the pleasure to work with Suzannah Weiss, a lifestyle writer who was interested in knowing more about the alleged 90-Minute Orgasm.

Before we had our hands-on session, we got to know each other. Suzannah opened up to me explaining how she has "this thing with premature ejaculation porn”. The idea that, for men, cumming is so easy, almost second nature. Women have been told for ages that they're "complicated" which isn't the case.

It felt so liberating to free my body from all these expectations I’d imposed on it. 

In an article for HelloGiggles, Suzannah explains how our experience together freed her of what she thought were flaws but were just cultural and societal "rules" that had been set for her.

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