Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center Presents: The 90-Minute Orgasm

One of my very favorite sex education platforms is PornHub's Sexual Wellness Center. I love that over the years they've evolved to become this all inclusive space that is meant for learning and fun. Who say's school has to be boring?

Can you imagine a 90-minute orgasm? Is it something your partner or yourself even wants? I've hacked my way through life to figure out how I can give clients multiple orgasms in such rapid succession that it feels like one big one. And you can, too. 

In this Pornhub article you'll read about the importance of taking your time, perfecting your form and resting between "scores".


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  1. I was referred to your site via Lola Jean’s site and I can’t find a way to purchase your videos.
    Honestly, I am not IT illiterate, I just can’t see where to purchase them!
    Any help/guidance in this is appreciated. Also, thank you for your website!


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