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It’s time to unlearn awful sex myths, and instead focus on science-backed sex hacks, female pleasure, & the real skills that make an amazing lover.

What Kind of Sex Life Do You Want?

You want to be amazing in bed. You want an epic sex life. You're hungry for the skills to satisfy your partner, but you’ve been robbed of a sex education that focuses on female pleasure, pleasure that your partner craves.  It's time to unlock your sexual knowledge and ignite your partner's desire.

I'm Kenneth Play, world renowned sex hacker, sex coach, and owner of an average-sized penis. And I'm going to teach you sexual confidence and deeply pleasurable skills to share.

My goal in this course is to distill sex techniques from world renowned sex educators, researchers, kinksters, and tantra masters to bring you the very best sex hacks.


80+ video lessons - includes everything from the Sex Hacker bundle: communication,  foreplay, oral, squirting, penetration, & more 
plus anal, kink, shower sex, & more

Why learn from Kenneth Play?

  • 80+ Video Lessons: I'll give you play-by-play guides to help you master oral, squirting, penetration, anal, and more across 11 modules.
  • Expertise: I have 1000’s of hours of hands-on experience that I've distilled into reliable sex hacks.
  • Science-Backed: Forged in science, tested in life; my techniques are based on teachings from masters of science, tantra, & kink.
  • Learn & Practice: Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, in my mobile-friendly online course platform.
  • Our program has a diverse set of models that represent different spots on the spectrum, from someone who is very sensitive to someone who can take a lot of pain
    • Real, authentic interactions in real time, with real demos
    • Not a puppet vulva, not a fake plastic model

"The quality of your sex life is not determined by your innate abilities but by your effort and ability to learn. We can learn to cook so much better, we can create amazing culinary experiences — we can adopt the same attitude to sexual experiences. We can get so much better."

Benefits of The Ultimate Giver Course Bundle

By the end of this course, you’ll:

  • build real self-esteem
  • have confidence in yourself, be able to let go of anxiety and truly enjoy sex
  • Be a kind, skilled lover
  • Be able to deconstruct sexual preferences, knowing the exact techniques to use to create epic sexual experiences that exceed expectation
  • adapt a growth mindset to learning
  • Learn the 20% of skills that are the most useful, impactful, and unforgettable
  • find the right sensations to let your partner ride the waves of multiple orgasm
  • Create peak sexual experiences that are novel, pleasurable, and unexpected
  • Know when to switch moves like a musician combining notes to build a melody
  • Not only gain technical skills, but the ability to sense the emotional state of your partner and how to shift when things aren’t working
  • understand the core principles -- from anatomy, to neuroscience, to how sexual history informs your habits
  • Touch your lover how she wants, and adapt with confidence
  • Pleasure your partner with oral, penetration, kink, and more, opening the door to new experiences

Pleasure your partner with oral, penetration, kink, and more, opening the door to new experiences




They say that getting started can be the hardest part, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Foreplay is all about connecting, getting into the same headspace, and being in touch with each other’s bodies. Over three lessons, I’ll cover how to set the mood, learn about your partner’s pleasure preferences, erotic massage techniques, and more!


Going down on her. Licking the honey pot. Cunnilingus. Eating pussy. No matter what you call it, I’ve been getting requests for a lesson on oral sex for a long time now. The wait is over my friends, and the secrets to licking, sucking, tongue fucking, face sitting, giving damn good oral sex to your partner are all in this course. Plus some bonus content on upping your oral game by incorporating toys!

penetration2 (1)

There’s more to penetration than jackhammer-thrusting until orgasm (or worse, only until your own ejaculation). In this course I’ll cover the biomechanics of penetration, the most classic positions from missionary to cowgirl, and different ways to provide clitoral stimulation with your penetration to ensure the most pleasure for your partner.


Squirting, or female ejaculation, has its fair share of myths. My frequent collaborator Dr. Zhana, co-teacher R.E. Zee, co-teacher Lola, and myself are here to give you the real facts. Dr. Zhana will teach you the science of squirting, then R.E. Zee, Lola, and me will demonstrate all the foundational knowledge you need to become a squirting expert, using both hands and toys. You’ll see what it looks like when a woman squirts in real life, and how it might be different from the expectations porn gives us.


I'll cover anal sex, from how to prepare for first time anal to anal masturbation and finally how to have pleasurable anal sex for both partners.

Copy of DSC03383

Some of my favorite kink hacks, impact toys, and bondage tips are included in this introduction to adding BDSM to the bedroom.

Copy of DSC03673

The ultimate incorporation of my favorite philosophies of peak experiences, sensory curation, and pleasure: the Goddess Bath is a ritual to pamper your partner with sensuality and beauty.


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Sex Scientist / Professor

Dr. Zhana Vrangalova is an NYU professor and sex researcher, as well as co-host of The Science of Sex podcast. Dr. Zhana provides the cutting edge #LegitSexScience behind Kenneth’s products




Mentor / Somatic Sex Educator

Pamela Madsen is an advocate for women’s health and integrated sexuality. Working with Pamela at Back to the Body’s sensuous retreats has given Kenneth an array of experiences helping women unlock their pleasure potential.




Sexologist / Therapist

Mal Harrison is a sexologist, therapist, educator, and founder of the Center for Erotic Intelligence. Mal is the source of all our knowledge on the internal structure of the clitoris.




Thank you SO much for including us in the seminar. Cheeky was totally blown away by the new ability that you helped us unlock. Afterwards we both felt a natural high that has yet to fade. I usually make women squirt through intercourse but I’ve never reliably been able to make it happen manually. I think that will no longer be the case. The way you guided the class through was incredible and the results throughout the room spoke for themselves. By the end, it seemed like practically everyone had experienced the same incredible results as we did. I love to help partners squirt for the first time and I feel confident that I left the Hacienda last night with an ability to facilitate this for my partners and friends. I’m so excited!

Grant Stoddard
Vice: Sex Writer

Great video as always. I really like the atmosphere you guys maintain while shooting. Riley’s face was priceless when she answered your question @ 4:11  Anyway thanks for the tips, especially on how to position yourself. Making my partners squirt is something I really enjoy and I often tire out pretty quickly, so thanks to you that’ll change and I’ll be able to pleasure them more ! Can’t stop thinking a lot of guys can only gain by watching your 101 videos. Keep up the good work.

Pornhub Viewer

I had the pleasure of working with Kenneth at a Back To The Body retreat. As a sex and relationship coach who has done a tremendous amount of exploration, it can be hard to discover new things about myself. With Kenneth, I not only learned new things about myself, but felt incredibly cared for throughout the entire process of brainstorming, playing and debriefing! His creativity and sex hacking brain is a delight to experience first-hand.

Pam Costa
Sex and Relationship Coach

“So Kenneth is like a personal training for pussy WHoa, and yes! That was epic. And after all that, he placed his hand over her vagina to bring her down and clean her up. This guy’s a keeper!” “That was my kind of show…from learning how to find and play the hell of the g spot…BRAVO!”

Kate Quigley
Playboy TV Host


Curate a sensual, spellbinding, erotic experience for your lover with my ultimate course bundle. Become the generous & amazing lover you've always wanted to be. - Don't miss out on the chance to hack your sex life!