After publishing the article featuring the gangbang gift I helped bring to life, Thrillist surprised me with a shoutout to Hacienda Villa and my PlayLabs in an article about taking sex outside the bedroom in New York. The article, “The Best Underground Sex Clubs and Parties to Explore in NYC,” said it best:

“Seventh-grade sex ed will seem like Sunday School after a session at the Sex Hacking Playlab with sexpert Kenneth Play, held at Hacienda Villa, a Bushwick polyamorous domicile for those practicing non-monogamous relationships.”

Read it here, and be sure to visit my Events page to get your tickets for my next PlayLab at the beautiful Hacienda Villa!

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  1. Hollie
    Hollie says:

    Brandy!I am sooooo enjoying reading about your adventures. I agree with many of your other friends…you need to write a book, memoir, “mind reew;#8221;&#8230&lhatever you want to call it. Your adventures come alive in my own mind thru your beautiful words. Live well, stay safe and know that you are thought of OFTEN!


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