Unraveling Female Promiscuity

I was honored to join Wednesday Martin, PhD (author of the upcoming Untrue, on female lust and infidelity)  and MacKenzie Peck (Feminist Pornographer, Math Magazine) on the Future of Sex podcast, talking all about female promiscuity.

This two-part podcast touches on so many topics that I love to geek out about. One of my favorite moments is when we talk about sociosexual orientation, which is essentially the spectrum of how easily you’re aroused by new people. I explain the three facets that my business partner, Dr. Zhana, has studied:

  1. How well do you need to know them?
  2. How much emotional connection do you need to be aroused?
  3. How much commitment do you need to be aroused?

Society tells us all sorts of things about what sort of people want casual sex versus long-term relationships, and the other panelists and I discuss how those messages have impacted women’s experiences of their own sexuality.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2!