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Course Curriculum

Beyond Satisfied Pro course distilled the best sex techniques from around the world into a system anyone can master.

Module 1

Foreplay Techniques

Connecting, getting into the same headspace, and being in touch with each other’s bodies… Foreplay is what takes your partner from ‘interested’ to ‘enthusiastic’. It can also be the main event! When she’s truly, intensely aroused, she’ll find it easier to orgasm, she’ll beg you to be inside her, and everything else will be more pleasurable—for her and you.

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Foreplay Techniques: What You’ll Learn

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1.1 Grounding

Techniques from tantra masters to help you connect with your partner through touch, breathing, and other senses.

1.2 Full Body Massage

Learn the lost art of the full body erotic massage, covering techniques like the Thousand Hands method and hacks like how to keep your massage oil buttery-warm.

1.3 Vulva Massage & Clitoral Arousal

You’ll learn how to arouse and engorge the vulva and clitoris, plus how to identify the specific ways your partner likes her clitoris stimulated.

1.4 Warming Up

Most of the time, arousal happens when she’s in a state of relaxation and feels safe. Learn about the importance of warming up and some foreplay hacks, including a different style of tantra grounding.

1.5 Undressing Hack

Fumbling kills the vibe in this critical moment! Make even the small moments sexier by learning how to remove your partner’s bra and underwear effortlessly.

1.6 Breast Play

How to give your partner’s breasts the love and care they deserve, including massaging, kissing, and sucking techniques that stimulate localized oxytocin release (the magic bonding hormone).

1.7 Sensual Shower & Anal Prep

Shower sex can be many things… a sensual pampering, preparation for future sex scenes, and a crucial hack for anal by putting her mind at ease about cleanliness and hygiene, so she can relax. In this lesson, you’ll see me demo a full shower scene, including some anal prep.

1.8 Goddess Bath: Pamper Your Partner

The Goddess Bath is the ultimate blend of senses, curation, and pleasure. This is the kind of experience women will definitely brag to their friends about. On a special occasion, if you want to leave her “beyond satisfied”, this is a go-to move.

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Module 2

Squirting Masterclass

Many women have no idea they’re even capable of squirting, but by the end of this module, you’ll be able to help your partner squirt for the first time.
This is an experience that requires trust, consent, communication, and a good understanding of how internal sensation works. Gifting your partner this completely new experience and helping her unlock a new part of herself will be intensely rewarding

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Squirting Masterclass: What You’ll Learn

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2.1 The Science of Squirting

Sex researcher, Dr. Zhana explains what science currently knows about squirting, what female ejaculate is really made of and what makes a squirting orgasm different from other types.

2.2 Flexing & PC Muscles

Using a combination of research, kegel exercises and other techniques, you’ll learn to coach your partner through engaging their BC & PC (pelvic floor) muscles, which are essential for squirting.

2.3 External Touch Squirting

Lola Jean demonstrates how she uses only external stimulation to make herself squirt, mainly through clitoral touch.

2.4 Signature Move

You’ll learn the optimal position to stimulate the g-spot and the external clit simultaneously, while maintaining your stamina so you can take her all the way home.

2.5 Squirting With Toys

How to make someone squirt using two of my favorite toys: the Njoy Pure Wand and the Hitachi rechargeable vibrator.

2.6 Deep End, G-Spot, & First Time Squirting

More tips on squirting coaching, the deep end of the vagina, cervical pleasure… plus you’ll see me help my model, Miyati squirt for the first time!

2.7 Vertical Squirting

A squirting hack that can be used while both partners are standing or kneeling, which places her body in a more natural position to activate the most pleasurable release.

2.8 Squirting on Your Partner

Lola shows how women can make themselves squirt, and demonstrates the powerful feeling of squirting on a partner’s chest.

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Module 3

Fingering & Touch

Using fingers and toys to calibrate location, pressure, friction, angle and speed… you’ll learn how to give her a ‘warm-up orgasm’ with your hands. You’re priming her body to be in an ideal state for multiple orgasms later.
When she comes first, the whole experience will be better for you both. Without it, you risk leaving her unsatisfied if you cum too early, or run out of energy later on.

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Fingering & Touch: What You’ll Learn

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3.1 External Touch

Clitoral and vulva external touch techniques, including some that are better for more sensitive partners who can become easily overstimulated.

3.2 Internal Touch

Mastering internal vaginal touch techniques requires an understanding of the distinction between pressure and friction, plus the various techniques to stimulate different spots inside her.

3.3 Calibration with Fingers

Learn how to master fingering entry – you don’t want to miss her entry and jab her on the lips! Calibrate your depth for optimal pleasure. A small difference in distance or location can be the difference between ow and wow.

3.4 Pleasure Mapping with Toys

You’ll learn how to maintain feedback, how to play the ‘clit clock’ game, plus I’ll show you the details of orgasm phases and how to follow your partner through each phase.

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Module 4

Oral Techniques

Too many men skip oral or treat it as a quick ‘token step’ in their race to penetration, so great oral is the perfect way to stand out and impress your partner
Not only will your partner love the feeling, but it’ll also help warm her up for penetration, making it more pleasurable for you both.

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Oral Techniques: What You’ll Learn

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4.1 Oral Foundations

Warm your partner up to the oral experience, beginning with some ‘first kiss’ techniques from “She Comes First”, calibration, and basic tongue skills.

4.2 Sucking vs Licking

Learn more advanced hacks, how to piece them together for deeper pleasure, and a sucking technique to help engorge the clitoris for greater arousal. There has been an explosion of suction toys on the market, all trying to mimic this sensation.

4.3 Tongue Fucking vs Fingering

You’ll learn the art of tongue fucking, the ultimate finishing combo of g-spot stimulation and licking, and why consistency is so important.

4.4 Facesitting

The intricacies of facesitting, including the differences between you licking versus your partner riding your face, and ways to combine other techniques from earlier in the course. #noteeth

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Module 5


You’ll learn how to fuck like a beast with any sized cock. Penetration done ‘wrong’ can be boring for your partner at best… and uncomfortable at worst. But by the end of this module, you’ll understand how different angles and biomechanics work in a variety of different positions, and how to use that knowledge to maximize your partner’s pleasure. Plus you’ll see me tie together everything you’ve learned so far in two full-length ‘demo flow’ sessions.

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Penetration: What You’ll Learn

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5.1 Missionary & General Technique

In the first lesson of this module, you’ll learn about angle, entry and external stimulation during missionary (and its variations).

5.2 Side Angle

Your guide to this comfortable position, which requires less hip flexibility from everyone, and gives her access to her clit without bumping into your pubic bone. Plus: a perfect side boob view.

5.3 Doggie Style

How to make entry and angle adjustments in one of the most versatile positions, plus you’ll see three of my favorite variations (including a kinkier one!).

5.4 Cowgirl

Have your partner take the driver’s seat. She can control the depth, angle, and rhythm by gyrating her hips just right. It’s much easier for her to orgasm when she gets to generate the sensation that really does it for her.

5.5 Demo: Authentic Flow

The teaching strap-on comes off so you can see how all of the previous moves flow together in one full-length session.

5.6 Demo: Sensual Flow

Some women prefer a slow build-up to orgasm rather than harder thrusts or intense stimulation. In this flow, you’ll see what slower, sensual penetration looks like.

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Module 6

Pleasure Theory

In this foundational module, you’ll learn how body, mind, and past experience each contribute to how individual women experience pleasure. Not only will this depth of understanding make you better at specific techniques… but it will allow you to make smarter and more confident decisions in the moment. Because you’ll understand what’s really happening for her and how to take her to new, more pleasurable heights.

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Pleasure Theory Fundamentals: What You’ll Learn

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6.1 Pleasure Loops

How to create a culture of communication in your relationship, so that you can talk about pleasure in open, concrete ways — instead of staying in guessing mode.

6.2 How To Touch Her for Pleasure

Why consent isn’t just a one-time conversation or a simple ‘yes or no’… but an ongoing conversation about receiving, giving, allowing, taking, and more.

6.3 Cliteracy

A concept coined by Ian Kerner (the author of “She Comes First”) which highlights how important it is for us to understand female genital anatomy. Learn where everything is, how women can vary from each other, and how you can tailor to their unique anatomy.

6.4 Orgasms

Learn about the different types of orgasms (9 main ones!), the myths that surround them, and what science says about climaxing… so that you can explore different varieties with your partner.

6.5 Pleasure Wiring

No two people’s genitals are the same; they’re different in their outward appearance and their internal wiring. Depending on the location and density of her nerve endings, she’ll be wired differently for pleasure. Some women like it directly on the clit; some a little to the left, etc. We each have different sensitivities based on our unique neural layout.

6.6 Pleasure Habits

We develop the same grooves around our sexual habits. The more you masturbate in a particular way, the more deeply ingrained a particular pathway to orgasm becomes, and our sexual identity forms around it. Our habits create a fast track to pleasure, and they can put up roadblocks as well.

6.7 Mindfulness for Sex

Performance anxiety? Struggling to stay ‘present’ in the moment? Mindfulness can increase the brain’s ability to experience pleasure. In this lesson, you’ll learn my favorite minfulness hacks to solve some of the most common problems I see in my clients.

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Module 7

Multiple Orgasms

Now you know how to reliably give your partner an orgasm through a variety of techniques… why stop there? 47% of women are capable of multiple orgasms, but it often takes a skilled partner to help them through the recovery and build phases. In this module, you’ll learn about multiple, consecutive and extended orgasms, plus how to use both penetrative and external touch to help your partner reach higher levels of pleasure

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Multiple Orgasms: What You’ll Learn

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7.1 What are Multiple Orgasms?

How do multiple orgasms work? Can everyone have them? How can you help your partner have them? These questions answered and more!

7.2 Multiple Orgasms Without Penetration

Learn to give her multiple orgasms without internal stimulation, which means you don’t need to worry about your dick staying hard long enough.

7.3 Multiple Orgasms With Penetration

It’s not like when you start fucking, you have to fuck until the end! This “rotating dick” technique helps you last longer. Throw some oral, fingering, and toys into the mix to keep it fresh. Multiple orgasms require plot twists and different kinds of stimulation.

7.4 Multiple Orgasms Interview with Miyati

Listen to my interview with Miyati where we talk about her preferences, what it’s like being on the sensitive end of the spectrum of sexual touch, her experiences with multiple orgasms, and more.

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Module 8

Anal Play

Q: How do I get my girlfriend to have anal sex with me? A: Get really good at everything else first. Anal play can be intimidating for women, especially if it’s their first time or they’ve had a bad experience in the past. But by the end of this module, you’ll understand how to make anal a pleasure-focused experience for your partner, rather than something to be endured. You’ll learn a variety of skills, covering negotiation, preparation, entry, and aftercare. Showing them the possibility of having intense anal orgasms can transform their experience from ow to WOW!

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Anal Play: What You’ll Learn

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8.1 Anal Masturbation

Trying anal play can be less intimidating if your partner tries it on her own first. In this lesson, my teaching assistant, Michelle shows how she masturbates anally and the techniques she uses to prepare herself.

8.2 First-Time Entry: Warm Up

You’ll learn how to warm your partner up, take things slow, and make her first-time anal experience pleasurable with the right prep.

8.3 First-Time Entry: Penetration

This is the trickiest part! Ease of entry is the key to good anal sex. You’ll learn the alignment hack that gives you an EZpass for smooth rear entry.

8.4 Partner-Guided Cowgirl Anal Entry

Let her put it in her own ass! It’s much easier for her to slide it in comfortably because she has 100% of the sensory feedback. Plus, we’ll cover anal sex communication.

8.5 Demo: Anal Flow

You’ll see me and Michelle demonstrate a full-length anal play scene, including warm-up, vaginal penetration with a butt plug in, anal prep, anal penetration, anal orgasm, and aftercare.

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Module 9

Kink Play

Kink fantasies are among the most popular fantasies for Americans. In one survey, a full 50 percent of men and 50 percent of women reported having Dominance and submission fantasies, according to Justin Lehmiller’s book “Tell Me What You Want.” Far more women consume erotica than hardcore porn, and most erotica is written by women for women. A woman’s biggest sexual organ is between her ears. Erotic context is everything to female arousal. If you don’t know how to satisfy your partner’s deepest fantasies, it’s unlikely she’ll feel truly satisfied in the long term – even if you master the physical techniques from earlier in the course. Many women enjoy some level of kink, but exploring these fantasies with a partner requires a great deal of learning, communication and trust. This bonus course will give you the practical skills you need to get started in a safe way, so that you can both enjoy exploring your kinks. When you truly understand her erotic mind, you can fulfill her naughtiest fantasies!

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Kink Play: What You’ll Learn

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9.1 Kink Play

Kink Theory
In this introductory lesson, you’ll learn about safety, common terms, and how to negotiate and approach kink.

Common Kink Play
Learn about the most popular types of kink play, different ways to explore play and dynamics, and much more.

Negotiation Protocol
Kinksters have developed reliable protocols to safely engage with riskier activities. In this lesson, you’ll see Sorcery and I negotiate for our future kink scenes. Plus we’ll talk about why we’re drawn to kink and what it means to us.

9.2 Power Play

Dominant / submissive Dynamics
In this lesson, you’ll learn different ways you can dabble with power play, such as position training and giving instructions. Plus you’ll learn about different styles of enacting dynamics… tenderly or otherwise.

Playing with Dominance & Submission
Now you understand the basics of dominance and submission, I’ll show you more techniques, positions and dynamics that you can incorporate into your scenes.

9.3 Bondage Play

Safety & Chest Harness
The basics of bondage and important safety precautions. Plus I’ll show you my favorite chest harness.

You’ll learn four rope bondage ties that are great for scenes, plus a tip for keeping your ties adjustable.

Hip Harness
I’ll demo my favorite hip harness by Danarama (aesthetically pleasing and perfect for sex!).

Belt Bondage
Turn an everyday carry into a fantasy tool! I share one of my favorite bondage hacks, using any regular belt.

9.4 Impact Play

Impact Foundations
In this lesson, you’ll learn about impact safety, the chemical effect of impact, plus how to use some fun toys.

Impact Toys
How to use floggers, paddles, dragon tongues, and more

Sexy Spankings
Using a unique position on a couch, I’ll show you the biomechanics and delight of spanking your partner while using toys to stimulate them.

Impact, Sensations, & Restraint
You’ll see how I incorporate impact and restraints, while alternating more intense toys with sensation-based ones to help your partner ride the waves of endorphins.

9.5 Play Sessions

Bondage for Sex
A full-length demo showing how to incorporate belt and bed rope bondage into a scene.

Fear & Sensory Deprivation Scene
Sorcery and I use fear play, sensory deprivation, and forced orgasms to create a multi-layered experience.


Swing Chair Scene
In this demo video, you’ll learn how to turn an ordinary outdoor swing chair into a kinky rendezvous, blending oral, clitoral stimulation, fingering, anal sex, and more.

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Meet Kenneth Play

“The World's Most Unlikely Sex Educator”


Hey Aspiring Sex Hacker,

Instead of boring you with a bunch of credentials, I want to get real with you.

Before I became a sex expert, I was an Asian immigrant with an average-sized cock. I lived most of my early life with crippling insecurity about my cock size. After a bad break-up in my late 20s – and a lifetime of sexual rejection – I decided to find a way to overcome my insecurity once and for all.

Over the next few years, I became obsessed with deconstructing sex techniques. I dedicated my life to studying the complexities of academic sex research, exploring the mysteries of Tantra, and immersing myself in the forbidden world of BDSM. I even joined the lustful chaos of underground sex parties.

If it’s out there, I read it. If you’re an expert, I talked to you. And I didn't just study. I apprenticed with a world-class mentor for 5 years and engaged in over 10,000 hours of hands-on practice. I actually conducted my own research when the literature didn’t exist yet. I’m no famous porn star riding in on my high horse, teaching you how to fuck. I’ve done the work.

Now, I’ve distilled EVERYTHING I’ve learned that is actually worth knowing into my signature course Beyond Satisfied Pro. It transformed my own sex life and the sex lives of millions of people around the world. My students gain lasting confidence and experience mind-blowing connections, while giving their partners endless orgasms.

At first, I was just trying to overcompensate for my lack of size, but my insecurity never went away, no matter how good I got. After several years, I had my greatest revelation of all … most of what we learned about sex was bullshit! Guys feel like they have to be huge, get rock hard on demand, & last all night long. Myths like “bigger is better” destroy countless lives. It almost destroyed mine.

The biggest gift I received from this journey was realizing that I’ve always been enough. There was nothing to compensate for.

Today, GQ calls me “the World’s Greatest Sex Hacker” and Men’s Health calls me “the Orgy King.” Whatever they call me, what actually matters to me is that my course transforms your sex life.

True confidence comes from knowing that you are enough… and having the skills to back it up.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to actualize your potential.


Who Benefits From This Course?

Married Men

Who’ve lost the spark in what used to be a passionate, fiery relationship

Inexperienced Men

With performance anxiety, doubting if they’re good enough in bed

Frustrated Couples

Who can’t get on the same page and truly satisfy each other’s needs

Experienced Guys

Who think they’re good but have no way of knowing if they really are

Single Guys

Who are constantly getting ghosted after the first hookup

All Women

With unmet sexual needs, that could so easily be fulfilled — if only men knew how

60% Off Bundle

 $294 $737 

Get Beyond Satisfied Pro Course Plus Free Audiobook & eBook
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Beyond Satisfied Pro Bundle 

bsp bundle
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  • 12h Videos Uncensored Sex Ed: Real models. Real demos. Real reactions.
  • 70+ Lessons Play-by-play instruction, diagrams, & hands-on lessons.
  • Learn Anywhere on your computer, tablet, and phone.
  • Bonus class guides for Anal, Kink, & Aftercare.
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    News Coverage

    Your Questions: Answered

    Smart students ask smart questions. Before they joined, your fellow students asked:

    • I want to do this, but I’ve never spent this much money on an online course before. Is it really worth it?

      In short, yes.
      There is nothing that compares with experiencing total sexual confidence.
      Having been on both sides (from crippling insecurity to unlocking my full sexual potential), I can tell you without a doubt that the feeling of self-worth you’ll experience as a result of using this method is truly priceless.
      That’s why I’m so confident in offering my 30-day Beyond Satisfied Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get your money back. No hassles. No risk.
      I know that my methods work.

      Listen, no one regrets being great in bed … ever.

    • Couldn’t I just learn this stuff for free online?

      You could. But it would probably take you 10,000 hours!
      It took me over a decade to create this curriculum. You could try to go out and recreate it yourself.
      Spend thousands of hours researching. . .
      Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars flying around the world and studying with the greatest experts in their fields.
      And go through the trial and error of applying what you learn with literally over a thousand women.

      Or you can just get Beyond Satisfied Pro.


    • I’m physically below average. Are you sure dick size doesn’t metter?

      Look, it’s against all the rules of sales and web design to give you a long answer. But I know that if you’re clicking on this, you may have shared a similar struggle. So, regardless of whether you purchase or not, here is an excerpt from my book that I believe will help. (Plus, I love hiding Easter eggs for you to find.) I truly hope it makes a difference.
      Size matters, but not in the way you think it does.
      We talked about this in the sex myths section in Chapter
      Two, under “Myth #1, Bigger Is Better,” but we’re going to take
      an even deeper dive here, because men write to me all the time
      expressing the same crippling insecurity around the size of their
      own cocks that I felt around mine. Despite the many studies I
      could provide to show their penis size falls well within average
      (over a dozen studies are cited in a single Medical News Today
      article),66 somehow the science isn’t enough to change their genital
      self-esteem. Why is this?

      Like me, you may have spent much of your adult sex life
      worrying about the size of your cock. Some of that worry
      stems from comparison with porn stars and cultural scripts
      about what it means to be a man. But there’s another factor
      involved in our genital self-esteem: deep down we all want to
      feel like our penis is the magic stick—that it is the best tool to
      give women orgasms. We want women to worship our cock
      like it is the holy grail of penises. Just being “normal” isn’t what
      really moves us. We want to experience ourselves as truly worthy
      of admiration, adoration, and awe. If you’re with a longterm
      partner, you may even want to be her GOAT (greatest of
      all time).

      How do you do that with the equipment you have?
      Well, firstly, you have to be willing to acknowledge that the
      pain you are experiencing around an imaginary problem is
      doing way more harm than good. One of the most entertaining
      dynamic duos in Hollywood is Kevin Hart and the Rock. If you
      see them next to each other, the contrast in height and size is
      shocking. Because of the porn industry, we think most men are
      like the Rock in the dick department and that Kevin Hart is the
      sad minority. But Kevin Hart is actually closer to average height
      than the Rock. If we all compared our height to the Rock, thinking
      we’re way too short, everyone from Kevin Hart to guys that
      are six feet tall would be walking around with a huge Napoleon
      complex! But that is what we do with our dicks.
      The secret I’ve found, through my own personal life and the
      lives of my clients, is that most women would strongly prefer to
      be with an incredibly confident Kevin Hart than a cripplingly
      insecure Rock. What women truly want isn’t the big dick, it’s
      the big-dick energy, and Kevin Hart has that big-dick energy.
      Confidence and competence have way more mating value than
      the things we think we need to possess in order to have that
      competence and confidence. So, I want to get real with you
      here and give you the actual info you need to develop both of
      these things.

      Now, the first thing you need to understand to develop genuine
      genital self-esteem is how women’s sexual preferences actually
      work. As we addressed in the myths section, most women
      actually prefer an average-sized cock for long-term sex,67 even if
      they’d want a slightly larger one for a one-night stand.68
      The reasons for this aren’t random; most women have an
      average-sized vagina, and people generally want something that
      fits with their body. In the graphic that follows, Dr. James Pfaus,
      Chelsey Fasano, and I created an illustration of the actual data
      around genital sizes. Statistically, 95 percent of people are within
      the dimensions bracketed on the ruler. As you can see by the
      chart, that means that most penises will fit with most vaginas,
      especially when vaginas are properly aroused and lubricated. The
      pleasure gap is not a size gap, it’s a skills gap.
      There’s an important lesson in this study. What we think we
      want—or what looks good in an ad or from across the room—
      isn’t necessarily what we actually like.

      A funny example that illustrates this point is what has happened
      with iPhones in recent years. There was a trend for a while
      in which iPhones were getting bigger and bigger. Particularly in
      the US, a larger phone seemed like a good idea because of the
      “bigger is better” myth that we apply to almost everything—hamburgers,
      cars, soda pop, you name it. But what actually happened
      was people stopped buying them because no one could
      hold them anymore. iPhone ended up going back to making the
      iPhone mini, because people wanted to be able to comfortably
      hold the thing in their hand!
      What actually works, and what is satisfying to interact with,
      depends on the size of your hand compared to the size of the
      iPhone, and how the two interact on a day-to-day basis. Userfriendliness
      is huge. So the question is: how do you make your
      cock user-friendly?

      To get super real: you’re gonna need to use different tactics,
      depending on the size of your penis. How did I figure all this out?
      Like most things in life, it was the result of experience. I got to
      know women with all shapes and sizes of vaginas, and men with
      all shapes and sizes of dicks. I spoke to and had sex with a variety
      of people.
      I played with women who had short vaginal tunnels, who
      liked short penises. I met women with narrow vaginal openings
      who liked slim penises. I had manual and oral sex with women
      who didn’t like penetration at all. I pulled out big dildos for
      size queens who loved to have their pussies stretched and their
      cervixes pounded. I fingered women who only wanted gentle
      touches on their cervix, and I stroked women who didn’t want
      their cervixes touched at all.

      Once, when I was fucking a partner who had a short vaginal tunnel,
      I hit her cervix and she yelped in pain. I immediately backed off
      and had to be careful the rest of the time we were playing. With my
      average-sized cock, I’d never experienced that before. I suddenly
      had compassion for those with big cocks. While I constantly worried
      my cock was too small, the well-endowed guys had to worry
      just as much about what to do with their cock that was too big.
      None of us is one-size-fits-all. I loved my cock so much more
      from that moment on. Because it was average-sized, most of the
      time I could pound as hard as I wanted to and not hold back.
      Instead of trying to compensate for what I thought every
      woman wanted, I started looking for lovers who were the right
      fit for me. Once I busted the myth of “bigger is better,” I realized
      there was nothing to compensate for in the first place. The moral
      of the story is that I started to get to know all the different vaginas
      out there.

    • I’ve read some books about sex and pleasure before. How will this be any different?

      Would you teach someone to ride a bike by handing them a book?
      Can you become a great chef only by reading recipes?

      Many people struggle with the mental process of figuring out exactly how to apply words on a page to real life. Like setting up a new printer. Reading the installation manual can be such a nightmare, you want to throw the printer out the window.
      Books are great for theories and frameworks. I’ve written a book about sex too, Beyond Satisfied. But when it comes to skill, you’ve really got to see and experience the lessons to master them.

      This course is easy-to-implement, great for visual learners, and the perfect companion to the book. I’ve borrowed the training methods that produce world-class athletes from my 15 years in the fitness industry, and applied them to sex, to help you go far beyond book smart. Athletes don’t show their skill by taking quizzes. They show it on the field. Your field is her bedroom. All the theory in the world won’t help you if you can’t satisfy her there.

      With a total of 9 life-changing modules, 70+ videos, and 12+ hours of content, Beyond Satisfied Pro is a unique blend of play-by-play instruction and real sex demos with real women — which I believe is the best method ever created for rapid skill acquisition.

It’s like watching Michael Jordan give a play-by-play tutorial on his signature move, followed by watching footage of him using that same move to win championship after championship in arenas all over the world. 

      Instruction like that just hits different.

    • I want to get better in bed ASAP. How quickly will I see results?

      Becoming an epic lover is not going to take you 10 years. It’s not going to take you 10 months. It’s not even going to take you 10 hours.

      You can log in, watch a single 10 minute video, and apply that hack tonight to blow her mind!

      While this course is comprehensive, including 12+ hours of in-depth video lessons (which ultimately leads to mastery of an array of techniques), I’ve designed the system to be bite-sized & digestible. The lessons mimic intuitive video game tutorials.
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    Beyond Satisfied Guarantee

    I’m so confident that Beyond Satisfied Pro will change your life, it even has a 30-day money back guarantee. In the first 30 days, if for whatever reason, you don’t like the curriculum, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.


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