What Does a Sex Coach REALLY Do?

If you’re struggling with fitness, there’s tons of ways to get better.  You can Google fitness tips, read a fitness book, or talk to a fitness coach at a nearby gym.  No matter who you are, info about fitness is very accessible.  I was a fitness coach for 15 years, and I saw how that level of accessibility made a difference in my clients’ lives.  Specifically, the amount of guidance offered by a coach is really helpful.

In sex education, that individualized coaching is not nearly as accessible, but it is still every bit as useful as it is in fitness.  If something is scary and important to you, and there’s conflicting messages about it in society, it makes a huge difference to have someone who can answer your questions and help you get what you want.  Like in any field, you hire an expert to get an in-depth level of knowledge without having to spend your own time on in-depth research.  I get a lot of my research from my business partner, sex science expert Dr. Zhana.  In addition to the information I give my clients, I help them figure out how to ask for what they want.  In sex, most people don’t know how to ask for help.  In fitness, asking for help seems more logical: “I need to lose weight” or “I need to eat better” are goals that make sense to most people.  In sex, a lot of people start with, “I don’t know, I’m just not happy!”  There is a lot of value in being asked effective questions and teasing out what you really desire or how to share that with your partner.  In a sensitive topic like sex, people want help and support, but they just don’t know where to get it.

As I say in a recent article for The Independent:

A recurring issue with the couples Play visits, of which they vary in ages (he has coached couples in their seventies), is a lack of communication: “Many couples don’t know how to communicate with each other; they don’t have the language or communication skills or practice. It’s more challenging for them to try new things. My expertise fills in the gaps for them,” he says.

Check out the whole article to hear more about what I do and why I do it!  For more information on my sex coaching, click here.  If you’re interested in sex science and sexual health, check out Dr. Zhana’s sex consulting services.