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Our Mission

Our goal is to create unapologetically explicit sex ed, allowing adults to pursue an authentic, healthy, and pleasurable sex life with confidence and real-world knowledge -- not just diagrams and lectures, but actual step-by-step instructions. Our audience is primarily men who love to pleasure women -- whether that’s a girlfriend, wife, or future hookup -- and who truly want to unlock an honest, engaged, full-senses sex life. We want to show what a positive, communicative, enthusiastic, connected sex life can look like, giving our audience not only techniques to emulate but also an attitude and approach to intimacy.

Our mission is to help couples have the best connected sex of their lives, and the revolutionize what sex education looks like.

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Project Manager

Rene is the Kenneth Play project manager. You'll find him organizing the set, reminding Kenneth of curriculum, and getting snacks.


Kenneth Play

Sex Hacker, Educator, Lead

Kenneth is the man behind the brand. Not your average porn star, Kenneth approaches every video from the lens of authentic pleasure and practical education, rather than just what looks good on camera.




Arnaud is our cinematographer with a creative vision like no one else. Whether setting up the wide shots or dancing through a slow pan, he elevates the practical to art.

We want to tap into what you authentically desire. We want to role-model what sex can be when both partners communicate their needs, wants, and feedback to have an engaged, enthusiastic, erotic experience.

- Kenneth Play


Our Audience

Our audience is predominantly heterosexual men, both those in long-term relationships and those on the dating market. Our main goal is to help them understand not only the technical skills for great sex, but also the importance of calibration. We want them to understand that every woman is different, with her own unique sexual preferences and desires. And that half the fun of sex is learning about those! We also have women buying our course, whether for themselves or to share with a lover. (We've even had mothers buy the course for their sons!) A strong knowledge of your preferences and boundaries is a huge plus, because it helps our female audience see the value of learning about themselves and communicating their pleasure.

Authentic Desires
Knowledge of your Body

Your Expertise

We want models who have experience in the adult industry, though amateur/self-produced is just as valued as professional. We want you to either genuinely love or be genuinely curious to try the topics you film with us. You know how to advocate for yourself, aren't ashamed to talk about your sexual preferences and body, and are comfortable speaking authentically during scenes. Because these are education videos, we want your honest interest in what we do! Huge plus if you have an education background or love nerding out about sex.

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